March 2008 – Forming an Earth-Spirit Connection


We welcome you, our dear friends. We are a group of souls in constant communication with those of you who are reading these transmissions, as well as with many others located throughout the planet. Since the theme for 2008 is “The Time of Earth-Spirit Connection,” we would like to describe what we mean by this title.

As we have said before and will say again, the inhabitants of Earth need to prepare for the next evolutionary step you are about to take. For many lifetimes on the planet, you have labored to reach this point in your spiritual growth and development. And now that it is here, it is important that you recognize who you are, from whence you have come and where you are going.

In order to gain this awareness, it will be necessary to expand your view to include a spiritual perspective. It is time for you to create a connection between the Earth plane and the realm of spirit. In so doing, you are making a most important step up the spiral of life – a step that will take you into other realms and dimensions.

Those of you who read our monthly transmissions and/or have read our two books “Dreaming a New World” and “The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home” have entered into an Earth-Spirit connection, even though you may not have recognized that you have done so. While reading our words, you were enveloped in a vibratory field, which aligned you to us in a direct and powerful way.

Now we ask that you quiet yourselves, go within and join that soul essence, which is found within every member of the human race. Read our words and try to feel the spiritual energy contained within them. Are you able to get in touch with the peaceful, loving vibration we have sent to you? If you can experience our energy field, you have formed an Earth-Spirit connection.

Every time you pray or meditate, you are creating a link to the realm of spirit. The same thing is true when you are walking in nature, listening to sacred music and sound, viewing a beautiful work of art or involved in a loving act. Most of the time, these experiences are seen as not having any spiritual significance. Now, however, we ask that this connection to be recognized for what it truly is – a bridge between the world of matter and the energy field of the Creator.

When one draws upon this divine energy, the capacity to live and create in a new and more meaningful way is reached. It is as if you have plugged into a higher voltage that brings more light to whatever you set your mind to. Your vision seems to expand making it possible not only to see but also to know things that were never accessible to you before.

Individuals, who are connected to spirit, gain skills and abilities far beyond what the average person is capable of today. Extra sensory perception, the knowing that occurs without seeing or validation of any kind becomes common. Many become clairaudient and are able to perceive sound frequencies currently beyond the present human capacity to hear.

And finally, those having established an Earth-Spirit connection will have taken into their bodies a more refined vibration that will enable them then to emit more light. This last capability is the most important by far, because as you receive the light, you radiate it out into your world transforming all that is touched by it. Down through the ages, many have sought enlightenment, which in its simplest terms means absorbing spiritual energy into the body that raises one’s vibratory essence to a more refined level.

As you realize and experience the totality of this spiritual connection, your physical body becomes more light-infused, radiating this light out into the unified field. When waves of light are introduced in more and more locales on the Earth plane, the vibratory rate of the planet is elevated and enhanced – as are all forms of life found on its surface.

Now is the time for this irradiation process to begin in earnest. The only way this momentous step can happen is for incarnating souls to form an Earth-Spirit connection. The first step in accomplishing this goal is to go within and tangibly feel the soul residing at the core of your being. When a quiet peace envelops you, you will know that you have been successful.

Next, we ask that you reach out and feel the connection you have with all life in your third dimension. Once you have formed this link to your unseen world, you are on your way to experiencing the many different realms of the Creator. To those of you who have been performing meditative practices, we request that you redouble your efforts and thank you for your commitment. As we have said before, you are pioneering the birth of a new species that will enter the planet with many expanded human capabilities.

Those to come, with their higher vibratory rate, will create a New World – one that will beam the spiritual principles of love and unity onto the Earth plane with greater power and force than ever before. Your planet is meant to evolve from its current state of suffering and war to become a positive contributing member of your galactic community. We ask that you start or continue this process by simply closing your eyes, going within and making a connection to spirit. It is simply the most important thing you can do at the present time!