March 2007 – A New Program of Expansion


We welcome you, our dear friends. We wish to express our love and appreciation to all those who follow and read our monthly transmissions. We feel honored to be able to send information that will help raise your consciousness and expand your awareness. For growth and expansion are the primary experiences you are having at this point in time.

You may not be aware of this unseen process as you go about the myriad of activities in your daily lives. You go to work, interact with your family, partner and friends, form relationships, care for your homes and belongings, and participate in a wide variety of entertainment and recreational activities. Some of you, unfortunately, participate in military activities in the United States and abroad.

These experiences fill your lives and seem to constitute who you are and how you live. But the single most important element of your lives exists within you at an unseen level, throbbing like a continuous pulse imprinting everything you do. The Universal Mind Force has activated a new program of expansion that is infusing all that lives and breathes in the many universes of creation.

This expansion, however, is unfolding in a new and totally different way. Instead of moving away from the Source of All Life, every wave and particle of existence has stopped its form of motion and is moving in the opposite direction back to the Divine Center from which it came. In order to change a longstanding pattern, a powerful impetus had to be applied to stop and reverse the course of human evolution. That impetus is now in effect, changing and modifying every aspect of existence.

Let us take a look at how this reversal and powerful expansion may be operating in the mundane, practical areas of your lives. Let us look at the manner in which you work and earn your living. Slowly, but ever so surely, this vital arena of life is starting to change. Many are lifting their heads, looking around them and asking that their work incorporate a more humane and healthy lifestyle for themselves and/or their partners and families.

There is an expansion in all aspects of the field of relationships. The fundamental underpinnings of relationships are being examined and questioned. More and more of you are starting to divine a higher level of interaction and are taking the steps to change and improve the manner in which you relate to yourselves as well as others. Even though this process is sometimes turbulent, it is always for the highest good for all involved.

The field of health is moving in new and untried directions. Many people are taking personal responsibility for their physical wellbeing and seeking out natural methods of healing. More traditional medical disciplines are expanding into hitherto unexplored areas of research and development. The coming together of different healing modalities is preparing the foundation, which will support the new and more advanced human species slowly beginning to emerge onto Earth at this time.

One of the greatest advances in human evolution on Earth is the growing worldwide movement to support peace and protest against warfare. Throughout the world, people are speaking out against the ravages of war – even those who are not directly affected. Your planet has been awash in conflict and strife for eons. Untold amounts of human sacrifice and bloodshed have occurred, decimating populations and bringing great pain and suffering to those involved.

But now as the light of spirit enters and infuses all life on your planet, there is a growing conviction that a new way of peace, love and respect must be found. No longer can brutality exist between people or nations. The force field of positive and right action is growing in every facet of life. We know that what we say does not appear evident in the turmoil of your changing times. But we see from a higher vantage point, and we assure you that the spirit of a more positive interaction between people is entering all aspects of life on Earth.

So do not lose hope in the midst of negative and distressing events occurring all about you, your country or the world at large. You are living during one of the greatest shifts in human consciousness your planet has ever experienced. Such a monumental event carries with it dislocation in many areas of life. Look at these times as a great adventure. You are participating in the process of birthing a new and better world. What could be more positive than that?