March 2006 – Understanding the Nature of Power


We welcome you, our dear friends, as we begin this third transmission for the year 2006, a year we have entitled a time for consolidation of power. Much is happening in the world today that is shaking the very foundations of most people. The question is rising in the minds of many about the quality of life being lived at the beginning of this new millennium.

The great hopes and expectations of the twentieth century regarding the advances of technology bringing a new and better day for all have begun to dim in the wake of the political unrest, warfare and the turmoil created by fluctuations in weather and natural disasters of all kinds. The predictions of technology providing a shorter workday have never materialized. People are working longer hours than in the past with lifestyles that are draining and unfulfilling in many ways.

The pace of daily existence seems to be accelerating and for many spiraling out of their control. The question being heard more frequently asks what is going on in the world and where will it take us? To incarnating souls on the Earth plane, life seems to be losing the promise anticipated at the start of the twenty-first century. For many, there is a growing sense of disorientation and despair with a corresponding loss of hopeful expectations.

It is for this reason that we have established contacts with a wide variety of human receivers on Earth, so that in these remarkable times you may learn from a spiritual perspective the beauty of what is unfolding throughout your planet. Power is coalescing, combining and consolidating at all levels in your world in a beautiful dance of great magnitude and significance. Can you not feel the force of the new spiritual energy radiating throughout your world breaking up long-held crystallized patterns that need to be released in order for soul growth to occur?

Chaos is a necessary step in creation. Old forms must be broken down in order for a new and higher human expression to emerge. This holds true at all levels of life. A New World is in its birthing process necessitating the passing of the Old World. Therefore, it is important to recognize what is happening during this period of human evolution and ride the wave of the birthing process with the recognition that the greater good is unfolding in the midst of what appears to be chaos and dissolution.

Incarnating souls on Earth need to understand the nature of power. Power is a dynamic converging of great energy coming together with a potency that impacts directly the source of its focus. Wherever power is at work there is a heightening of vital force that affects whatever is included in its sphere of influence. Think of the power unleashed by hurricanes or tornados, maelstroms of energy and force that selectively destroy whatever is in their path.

Natural disasters like these epitomize the destructive force of power as it cleans and clears an area for what can be a new type of manifestation. Power, however, can be expressed in positive, non-destructive ways that bring great energy but does it creatively and constructively in order to build instead of destroy. Since Earth is part of a universe whose central theme is finding unity by first experiencing duality, two types of power exist simultaneously.

One type of power destroys while another creates. Both are necessary to the evolution of life on your planet. We ask that incarnating souls living on Earth recognize and reflect on the nature of power. Observe and attune yourself to the energy of all that is swirling around you in your personal life, your country and the world as a whole. Know that through the dual forces of power, you will reach a higher state of unity and human expression – one which you have been anticipating for many lifetimes on your journey as a soul.

Be aware that consolidation of power is occurring in every phase of your life. Recognize and own the idea of power that is an electromagnetic forcefield helping you rise up the spiral of life to a higher level of awareness. Release all fear of power as it breaks down and removes what is no longer useful or needed by you. Accept the change with serenity of spirit and move to create a new and better world. Dance with power in a state of high well being, sure in the knowledge that you are being supported and loved by the Creative Force of the Universe.