June 2017 – Developing Your Intuitive Knowing


We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you today to consider in depth a phenomenon that is surfacing throughout the world, but most particularly in the United States. It has to do with the dissemination of information to the public at large. The technology governing public discourse has grown at a rapid rate, as the ability to reach others through various means of communication expands. A variety of presentations of supposed facts governing a single event has become increasingly common. Conflicting factual disparities have become the norm.

The end result has been a clash of alternate realities over a single event being reported to the public at large. This situation is causing much conflict and discord at many different levels of society. It is viewed by many as an extremely negative development for which there appears to be no solution. We, on the realm of spirit, have a very different view of this situation, which we would like to present for your consideration.

Incarnating souls on Earth are in the process of moving from three dimensional realities to the higher vibrational level of the fourth dimension. One of the basic skills possessed by those living in the fourth dimension is that of intuitive knowing. To know something accurately about a person, place or thing without any supporting factual data indicates a major advancement in spiritual development.

This capability has within it a level of sophistication regarding the interpretation of incoming information that assists incarnating souls to function effectively in a multi-faceted world. To be able to discern the truth of any matter even though conflicting facts regarding it are being presented is sorely needed at the present time. When realities are contradictory, the incarnating soul must be able to discern the truth since the outer world cannot provide it.

The political arena in many countries is supplying the backdrop for the development of intuitive knowing. When diametrically opposite information is presented, there has to be a way to determine the accuracy of any situation. The ability to do so is very simple indeed. It requires activating an inner process that will facilitate the determination of the truth of any matter.

Once you have mastered this ability, you will be able to view a situation and glean its truth for yourself whenever alternate realities are being presented. Do you see how important this skill is when conflicting accounts surface in almost every area of life? You have to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff whenever it is necessary to do so. It is not wise to make decisions based on erroneous information, which will only lead you astray as you pursue your course in life.

So how does one develop this ability of intuitive knowing? Let us take a hypothetical example of where totally opposite information is being presented to you about a given situation and you need to determine what its accuracy is. Take a brief quiet moment and set the intent to determine the truth of the matter. Then scrutinize carefully the information being presented.

Once you have accomplished this, focus your attention inwardly. Activate your sensing capabilities. Intuitive knowing is reached through the feeling side of your nature. What feelings arise as you view the different realities being presented to you? If one reality evokes a positive feeling, concentrate on it. Sit within its factual context and let it grow into a state of certainty.

When this state is achieved, acknowledge that you have reached a state of knowing regarding the matter through your own inner processing. Also you are satisfied that you have been able to determine a greater sense of certainty about the conflicting information you have been considering. Do you see the value of activating your intuitive knowing when confronting opposing factual realities?

In this age of continuous bombardment of information, it is essential that you develop your inner screening mechanisms. The gaining of soul wisdom originates with feelings that open the pathway to intuitive knowing. Feelings activate the process which then leads to a certainty regarding any matter. Intuitive knowing is a powerful inner guide for determining the right course of thought or action.

Lying will become obsolete because it will become readily evident whenever someone is not speaking the truth. Human behavior will be irrevocably altered, and a whole new type of human interaction will become the norm. The process is already underway since the issues of lying and truth telling are gaining importance in the daily affairs of incarnating souls on Earth.

What appears to be destructive human behavior is really providing the setting for a more advanced form of spiritual functioning to emerge – that of intuitive knowing. As we have said many times before, there is a higher good implicit in every set of negative circumstances. It requires trust and diligence to find it no matter how it appears. That is your challenge. We ask you to embrace it.