June 2016 – Activating the Power of the Heart


We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you now in a time of great intensity and stress surfacing all over the planet in a wide variety of ways. To most people, this condition appears to be caused by events unfolding in their personal lives. This is not the true reality of what is occurring. Challenging circumstances in life are being activated by the influx of galactic energy emanating from the core of your galaxy. This vibratory wave has been growing in strength throughout the second decade of the twenty-first century.

There is a divine purpose unfolding here that is positive and uplifting in a wide variety of ways. Spiritual growth on Earth is accomplished through trial and testing. It is the blueprint for all life on your planet. Each soul that comes into incarnation here agrees to live within this matrix knowing that the intense vibration of Earth is just what is needed to strengthen and expand spiritually. This knowledge is held at the soul level but often is not reflected in conscious awareness.

It is our major responsibility to remind you of this reality so that you can view the tests and challenges of your life in a positive and uplifting way. You are children of the universe. You have traveled for eons through many dimensions to gain the knowledge of what life is like at different levels of creation. It is considered an honor to have incarnated on Earth since it requires great strength and fortitude to manage its intense vibratory field.

There is a primary capability that the experiences of your planet are meant to develop. It is the capacity to face all tests and challenges with steady unwavering courage. Courage is a heart-felt quality that emanates from the soul essence. When one exhibits courage in the face of any challenge, a spiritual force field is activated. This force field originates at the soul level and then is streamed through the heart’s energy field into physical reality.

Since this process is essential to soul growth, we ask that you quiet yourself as you read our words. Take a short time to breathe slowly and rhythmically, allowing your consciousness to rise so that you can enter a state of higher comprehension regarding this information we are bringing you. It is now time for incarnating souls on Earth to activate the power of the heart in all life situations. In doing so, a step of major importance in the spiritual journey will have been reached.

During the last five hundred years, the focus has been on the development of the brain as a conduit for the evolution of the human species. That goal has been accomplished. Knowledge about the brain and its capacity to create in a wide variety of ways is firmly anchored in human awareness and will continue to develop in power and strength. It is now time to shift the emphasis away from the dominance of brain development to the preeminence of the heart as the guiding force of life.

When you move into the realm of the heart, you are connecting to the primary essence of the Creator, which is love. The energy field of love always uplifts and heals, even though what is occurring appears to be the opposite. For a moment, reflect upon what we have said here. Identify a situation, either in your life or in the world at large, which is disturbing or painful. Then open the pathway to your heart and allow a loving awareness to permeate the situation as completely as possible.

To do what we have asked of you takes strength and courage. It is not easy to love a person or situation that is causing pain, but it is the only way to address the matter from a spiritual perspective. Your world at the present time is in a chaotic state. Discord seems to exist at all levels. Conflict and strife are paramount. It is a perfect time for love and respect to manifest since they are the only way that healing will occur.

What we are asking here is a shift in consciousness away from brain dominance into the realm of heart emphasis. It is the only way that healing of strife and conflict will occur. It takes strength and courage to set aside grievances and offer love and respect in their place. This is the essence of the challenge facing you. We ask that you see the necessity of conflict as an avenue for spiritual growth. It is also important that you have the courage to bring love and respect into all of your interactions no matter how trying.

We wish that you could see at an energetic level what the insertion of the love principle creates in any situation. There is a substantial increase in light and a diminution of negativity and darkness. It is as if a gentle, healing breeze has entered and permeated what was disturbing before. The more heart energy spreads throughout Earth, the more illuminated your planet will become.

Present incarnating souls and those to come have made the commitment to undertake the challenge of Earth’s rebirth. They have offered to be world servers in the transformation of your planet. If you feel that you have made that commitment, we ask that you join with others and offer love and respect wherever it is needed. Stand with courage and show that a new standard is being established in the field of human relationships. That standard upholds love and respect as the cornerstone for all human interaction. Isn’t it about time?