June 2015 – A New Heaven and a New Earth


We welcome you, our dear friends, for friends you truly are. Have you ever stopped to reflect on the relationship we share with you? We are a group of souls existing on a dimensional plane different from yours. The interaction we have does not fall within the characteristics of the third dimension. You cannot see us, hear us or touch us. Our only contact resides in your reading our message once a month or the three books we have channeled.

Have you ever taken the time to reflect upon this phenomenon we share together? If you have, it would become readily apparent that something out of the ordinary is transpiring here. You are participating in an unusual connection, one that is quite rare for a resident of planet Earth. Down through the years, we have offered many suggestions of how you can grow spiritually. If you have followed any of them, you have established an energetic relationship with us even without knowing you have done so.

We speak of this matter now because the people of your planet are participating in a major transition. The vibratory force field of Earth is in the process of transformation. All life on Earth is being upgraded to a higher level of functioning. Human beings are leading the vanguard of this momentous change. Every person’s vibratory field is being irradiated with powerful energies from within your galaxy and beyond. A new reality is being birthed on many different levels.

It is very important that you recognize and participate in this process consciously. The first step is to be aware that you are a soul inhabiting a physical body within the confines of the third dimension. The next step is to realize that the boundaries of the third dimension are thinning and dissolving, creating a beautiful opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth. Your world is shifting and transforming into something new and unknown.

This is where we can be of assistance. Our task is to bring the information you need so that you can embrace and grow within the changes that are occurring. When you read our words and follow the practices we present, you are moving beyond the confines of the third dimension into a higher form of functioning. At this level, certain personal abilities will surface that you have not had before.

Many of you will begin to experience intuitive knowledge about people and situations. You will begin to know events before they happen. You will feel unusual energies increasing in your body and not know from whence these energies came. Some of you are seeing the auras surrounding people and places. For many, one or more aspect of their physical reality is shifting and changing.

In order to not operate from a fear-based perception of your world, it is essential that you understand and embrace what is happening. The underlying structure of Earth’s vibratory field is dissolving and moving into a higher expression. Any thought, word or action that is negative or hurtful will lose strength over time and will not be sustained. The lower level frequencies of human behavior are going to gradually atrophy and disappear.

For eons, prophecies have foretold the coming of a new heaven and a new Earth. The time is now, and this process has begun. We commend those of you who recognize what is happening and are ushering in this new world. The most important abilities required to navigate these times are recognizing the true reality of what is transpiring, having trust and being flexible. Be aware that the transformations occurring in your world are part of the spiritual growth and development of the planet and are ultimately positive in nature although they may not appear to be so.

Many situations will arise in your life requiring the trust and conviction that ultimately the highest good is unfolding even though it may not be evident. It will be essential that you hold firm in that knowledge. Finally, the ability to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances with an inner balance and strength will be needed in the times ahead. Massive changes will be coming in future years. Riding these waves in a state of high well-being is necessary and will carry you through.

Develop a life regimen that will support you. Strengthen and heal your physical body. Eat foods containing enhancing life force. Establish spiritual practices that raise your vibratory level and practice them daily. Some form of meditation or prayer, no matter how brief, will stabilize you far beyond what you may be aware of. Seek out people of similar vibratory fields and connect with them. The company you keep is very important.

Recognize that you came into incarnation to serve in some capacity particular to you alone. Become aware of what that service is and embrace it. It is one of the reasons why you are here. Do not be fearful as the world you know is dissolving all about you. It is for a higher purpose. A new heaven and a new Earth are emerging on your planet, and you are one of those chosen to usher in this momentous change. Keep that thought uppermost in your mind as you move into the times ahead.