June 2013 – Attuning to Higher Spiritual Energies

We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you at a most auspicious time in the affairs of humans on the earth plane. Time on your planet is accelerating at what appears to be an increased rate and velocity. Momentous events seem to appear in rapid succession with very little time to register their significance before a new situation arises buffeting the sensibilities of incarnating souls. The people of Earth are living in a truly remarkable period of human development.

We ask you to take a moment to reflect upon what we have just said here. It is important that you become aware of the power and intensity of what you are currently experiencing. If you were able to see the vibratory band of energy enveloping your planet, you would be able to recognize the reality of the information we are providing.

Your solar system is in direct alignment with the equator of your galaxy. This placement occurs once every 26,000 years and provides acceleration in spiritual growth for all inhabitants of Earth who are able to avail themselves of this transformative force field. If you have any doubt about the information we are providing, we ask that you reflect upon your life during the past few years.

Have you experienced dramatic change in significant areas of your life? Has your personal reality been altered and shifted in new and transformative ways that are quite unlike the manner in which you were living before? Do you feel that you have changed and are profoundly different from the person you were in the earlier part of your current lifetime? If you can answer yes to these questions, then you have been tapping into the galactic energy field impulsing your planet in a powerful and effective way.

The evolutionary path of humanity on Earth is being accelerated at a truly rapid rate. Your planet and all the people living on it are going through a form of initiation, which is part of the divine plan of the Creator. The manner in which this is accomplished is through molecular redistribution and refinement. The very body your soul inhabits is changing in form and structure.

You are becoming less dense physically and are beginning to emit more light from within, a condition that is personally beneficial and offers great assistance to your planet. If you were able to measure mechanically the amount of light your body releases, you would see instantly the truth of what we have said here. We ask that you start to think in terms of light and darkness as you proceed through the mundane activities of your daily life.

If you are emanating more light, you can feel that you are doing so. You will experience a lift in physical energy with a corresponding sense of peace and satisfaction that is recognizable. When you experience this state, life will take on a new and more positive tone and hue. As you absorb the heightened energies coming on to your planet, you will be able to feel joy, and laughter will come easily.

How does this process of assimilating more highly evolved energy actually occur? It happens easily and effortlessly through the act of attunement, which involves connecting to the more refined energies all about you. The first step requires establishing a firm intent and focus as to what you want to accomplish. Once you have done so, visualize yourself making a direct and powerful connection to this higher energy field. It is as simple as this!

One of the most important advancements for incarnating souls is developing the ability to attune to, recognize and then utilize the spiritual energies available for soul growth. The people living on Earth at the present time are pioneering the shift that must occur for a new more highly evolved species to incarnate in the near future. This process is being aided by galactic forces that are accelerating the change that is needed.

It is therefore imperative that you recognize what is continuously occurring and impacting you at a vibratory level. By doing so, you will be joining in with the evolutionary process that is underway on your planet. When you attune to more highly refined spiritual energies you move into a state of multidimensional consciousness, which is the goal for all incarnating souls.

This change is in the process of occurring as matters pertaining to the fourth dimension of time and space are coming into ascendency. The manner in which human beings on Earth experience time and space is shifting into a different reality, one that will open the door to a new and more expanded way of life for those living on planet Earth.

You can start this process by experiencing the boundaries between past, present and future dissolving into a present that includes the past and future in a peripheral way only. This all-inclusive present will be the reality everyone will experience eventually. We will go into more detail concerning this phenomenon in the future.

Start to notice carefully the physical space around you. Does it ever seem to change its shape? Have the outlines of physical structures begun to blur or shift? If so, do not be alarmed. You are just starting to attune to the fourth dimensional reality of space, which is more fluid in nature. Only a few inhabitants of your planet have begun to have this experience, but many more will do so in the years to come.

We wish to close this transmission with words of love and encouragement to you. You are supported and loved by many on the realm of spirit. Rejoice and appreciate the opportunity afforded you to live on this beautiful planet of Earth. Remember to express your gratitude daily for the great adventure you are a vital part of. It is a veritable blessing indeed.