June 2012 – Become a Bringer of Light

We welcome you, our dear friends. The month of June is the midpoint in the year, and therefore contains the greatest spiritual power of the twelve month cycle. Only a very few have an awareness of this reality. Most people look upon the month of June in a strictly mundane way and never recognize that all life is being impulsed at the highest rate of intensity in the year. We therefore ask you to expand your senses to incorporate this knowledge at a deep and fundamental level.

The midpoint of any cycle always possesses the highest expression of the cycle’s meaning. The theme for the year 2012 is a time of emergence. June provides one of the most powerful vibratory outputs of the year. For this reason, we ask that you take more time this month to go into silence, connect with your soul essence and reflect upon the concept of emergence. Once you see through your soul’s eyes, this reality will become readily apparent.

As we have said often, many cycles of varying degrees of time are ending this year. For this reason, the midpoint of the year 2012 is particularly significant. We place such importance upon the power of the midpoint that we always send our readers the monthly message from us on the 15th of the month instead of the beginning. Therefore, at this most auspicious time, we would like to speak at some length about the spiritual context of emergence.

Emergence generally means to come out of a dark, confined or hidden place. There could be no better word to describe the human condition as it currently exists on Earth. For many long eons, incarnating souls on your planet have existed in a darkened world where the light of spirit has been dim indeed. Light has always been a term connected to the concept of spirit. For this reason, any activity that brings increased light to a situation has always had a deeper spiritual or religious significance.

Therefore, we now ask you to create a new view of yourselves and your world. Honor the darkness that has existed for so long. It has had a positive purpose. It is as if you have been in a cocoon stage, often painful but necessary, in order to change you into a transformed being of greater power and beauty. From the caterpillar comes the butterfly. This process in nature is analogous to what incarnating souls on Earth are moving through at the present time.

How do you experience this transformation on a personal level? You do this by elevating the vibratory rate of your being, which in turn allows you to emit more light onto the planet. You raise your vibratory rate by dedicating yourself to regular spiritual practices. We have spoken of these practices before. They are meditation, prayer, communing with nature, chanting, sacred sound and dance, reading spiritually uplifting books and any other activity that brings you a sense of peace and tranquility.

We ask that at this midpoint of the year 2012 you dedicate yourself to some type of spiritual practice every day even if it is for only for a few minutes. As you do this, you will experience a measurably positive impact on your health – physically, emotionally, and psychologically. This will happen because spiritual practices dissipate the darkness that exists within your energy field.

As the lower vibrational energy leaves, your soul essence is able to project more of its light out into the world about you. This spiritual light will be the force that uplifts and transforms the entire planet. It is now time for you to recognize the important role that each and every one of you has in the divine plan of the Creator. Every single soul currently in incarnation is needed to raise Earth’s spiritual vibration. How does one do this? By emitting more light! It is as simple as that.

If you were asked what your most important task in life is, how many of you would say emitting more light onto the planet? And yet beaming more light onto your planet is the single most important activity you can perform at the present time. Every act of love, kindness and service you perform brings an increase of light at a vibratory level. This light then radiates out into the solar system and beyond, uplifting all it touches.

There is a similar analogy in your physical world to what we are saying here. As you expand the intensity of the light you emit, it is analogous to what occurs when electrical voltage is increased from 110 volts to 220. This is exactly what happens when you perform regular spiritual practices and operate in your world as a bringer of light and love. You engage in the expansion of light on a personal and planetary level.

We are a group soul with a specific spiritual purpose. We are here to help you heal and emit more light. As you do so, you become bringers of light also, even though you are in human form. We ask that you start to think of yourself in this context. If you are able to do this, you will see your life expand in ways you cannot imagine. We have always been with earth beings down through the eons and will continue to do so until final ascension is reached.

You may ask how this information we bring can have significance in the world of today. We say that there is no greater significance. Turmoil, strife and dissolution exist in all corners of the globe. Extreme weather conditions and earth changes are the norm. People struggle with a myriad of problems that seem to engulf them at times. Uncertainty and change are accelerating at a rapid rate. Society’s old truisms no longer apply. What was once considered dependable can no longer be relied upon.

These conditions always appear at the close of a cycle. They are more intense now because so many cycles are coming to an end. Accept the necessity of what is happening and develop a sense of anticipation and hope regarding the New World that you are helping to birth. The people of Earth are emerging from a dark and confining time. As incarnating souls emit more light, the process of planetary transformation will increase. Be a bringer of light to your world, and all will be well.