June 2011 – Developing Honor and Respect in Conflict


We welcome you, our dear friends. For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, a period of natural beauty and richness is unfolding all about you. Trees are in bloom, and flowers are emerging in the fields and gardens of Earth. It is a period of renewal and rebirth following the quiet passivity of autumn and winter.

The change of seasons offers a glimpse of the death and rebirth cycles existing throughout the many universes of time and space. The primary theme of all manifested life can be found in the unfolding of duality with its corresponding dynamic tension. It is essential that you become aware of duality and the role it plays in every aspect of your life.

When your current universe was created, its prevailing theme was the achieving of unity through the crucible of duality. True unity is a highly elevated spiritual state, which can only be reached through the tests and challenges of polar opposition. It therefore follows that wherever polarization and conflict exist, there is an opportunity to reach the higher spiritual state of unity.

We speak of this concept, because duality and polarization are increasing in geometric proportions at all levels of existence. Many relationships are under strain as opposing views seem irreconcilable. Political discord is becoming more rancorous and enflamed, with conflict and war between nations on the rise all over the planet.

Unless one can view all of these events with a spiritual perspective, one’s ideas of life can be adversely affected indeed. Spiritual truth is very different from the physical reality that most people experience. As duality and polarization increase, so also does the potential for reaching the higher spiritual state of unity.

The intensity of conflict holds within it the possibility of achieving harmony and union, an ultimately superior state of being. It is as if the discomfort that duality creates in all of its manifestations provides a fertile setting where accord can be reached. We ask that you take a few minutes to consider our words. The idea we are presenting here is of primary importance.

The current political situation in the Moslem world is a perfect example of how polarized conflict has the potential for creating new governments in countries that have languished under totalitarian regimes for decades. Concerted efforts are emerging to establish political systems that include the needs of the people, so that a more representative form of political rule can be formed. The duality of authority verses the rights of the people provides the context for achieving political unity.

We now ask that you reflect upon whatever polarity or discord have surfaced in your life. Take the time to go within and reach that place where soul wisdom abounds. Reflect upon the dynamics within the polarized situation you have identified. The next step is the most important of all. Honor both polarized positions. View them as two realities that are worthy of respect, no matter how difficult it is to do so.

Respect and honor are essential for eliminating polarity and reaching unity. Whenever individuals, groups or nations can agree to honor and respect each other, the light of spiritual harmony and healing can enter the situation and shift the dynamics onto a more elevated and successful plane. Unless respect and honor are reached, a unified solution can not be achieved. The dance of duality will just continue to play itself out in one way or another.

What we are saying here is of primary importance. Your planet is coming to a culmination point for many thousand-year cycles of varying length. Earth is being impulsed with powerful vibratory waves that are providing the impetus for accelerated evolutionary growth. For eons, your planet has been awash in conflict and strife causing great pain to those incarnating on its surface.

Universal Creative Power is providing the spiritual energy needed to eliminate the destructive patterns that have existed for so long. Every polarized situation is offering an opportunity for spiritual growth. Applying honor and respect will allow that growth to occur. Conflict can not flourish or thrive when honor and respect are present. These two states simply eliminate the negativity in any situation.

It is possible that agreement will not be reached if one of the two opposing parties can not respond with a positive intent to achieve unity. In that case, a respectful withdrawal is the best course, followed by a commitment to try again if there is a shift in the situation. You will be surprised at how a respectful withdrawal can provide the possibility for an opening at a later date.

Honor, consideration and respect are states of high esteem. They carry a spiritual consciousness that elevates at all levels. Their vibration activates the link between living beings sending light and love to all. It is essential that incarnating souls recognize their connection to each other and utilize that knowledge continually in the many different affairs of life. To do so will help open the doors to the New Heaven and the New Earth waiting to emerge in the days and years ahead.