June 2010 – Achieving Emotional Equilibrium


We welcome you, our dear friends. We are honored to join with you as we move together through this pivotal year of 2010. All life on Earth’s plane is vibrating with a much higher frequency than at the start of the century, just ten years ago. Since 2000, each year has brought a more powerful influx of galactic energy into your solar system, impacting and illuminating all forms of life found in your dimension.

Think back to the year 2000 and reflect upon what was unfolding in your life and in your world. Was it not a simpler, less complicated time than now? The United States was experiencing a period of stasis, accompanied by a sense that, in general, the affairs of the nation were going well and the country was on the right track as it began a new millennium.

In less than two years, that complacency and hopefulness was torn apart by the events of September 11, 2001. Since that time, the United States has been embroiled in the war on terror, stalemated partisan politics, severe weather and environmental conditions, an escalating energy crisis, a serious economic downturn and various kinds of turmoil at all levels.

The sense of complacent satisfaction is gone and has been supplanted by anxiety and fear in many areas of life. A pervasive uncertainty seems to be the order of the day for most people. Many are experiencing loss, whether it is loss of job, home, health or relationships to name a few. For some, just being connected to a person who is dealing with loss can have an emotional affect.

Losing someone or something that is important can be one of the most painful experiences a person can have. It can activate deeper levels of sorrow and grief stored in subconscious memory banks, intensifying the impact. Most people are not aware that events similar to those had in this or other lifetimes can surface and influence a current situation.

In unsettled times, when all about you is in a state of flux, many different levels of personal feelings and emotions will surface. These times provide a perfect opportunity to release long-held pain and suffering, which you have carried with you in your emotional body, impacting your health and over-all sense of well being.

One of the greatest gifts of turbulent times can be found in the opportunity to purify, balance and heal oneself emotionally. If you can believe this truth, you will be able to use the events occurring in your life to maximum effectiveness. In the third dimension, spiritual growth and development generally occurs through painful experiences that serve as a grinding agent, which ultimately produces a pearl of great beauty.

So, an important area of preparation during this time between 2010 and 2012 is that of achieving emotional equilibrium. The trials and tests of life provide a perfect arena where a soul can learn to develop emotional balance. When you learn to establish emotional stability in the face of extreme stress, you will have mastered one of the key lessons of life on the third dimension.

The question you now may ask is how does one achieve a state of emotional equilibrium? The answer to this, one of the most profound questions of life, is quite simple. The first step involves calling upon your mental powers to identify what positive elements can be found in the trying situation you are facing. Once that has been accomplished, shift your attention and focus to this positive outlook and maintain it whenever the negative elements seem overwhelming.

The second step involves going within to contact the love and wisdom of your soul essence. Your soul always knows what is for your highest good in every life situation. Reaching that awareness will provide you with the knowledge and strength you need to persevere through the most trying of times. It is the spiritual rudder keeping the boat of your consciousness afloat.

The three paths to the soul can be found in breath, prayer and meditation. After having established a positive mental outlook, seek a quiet space and begin a period of deep, rhythmic breathing. This act will raise consciousness just as a balloon rises when filled with air. It is easier to commune with your soul essence when your consciousness is attuned to its higher spiritual vibration, which is accessed through the breath.

When you achieve a more peaceful state using the breath, move next to prayer. Internally express what you are dealing with in your current situation. Be very clear about what you need to know in order to address the challenge before you. Prayer is the act of contacting the realm of spirit by using a direct means of personal communication.

After completing the breath and prayer, the final phase for reaching emotional balance is meditation. Whereas prayer is speaking to spirit, meditation is listening to spirit. Whatever level of contact is made, listening to spirit occurs when you meditate. When you reach a receptive meditative state, you are able to tune into the knowing and love the soul essence always provides.

Through the soul’s wisdom, you will recognize the awareness you have gained by using breath, prayer and meditation. You will be able to attain an understanding and acceptance for the experience you are having and know that it is an integral part of your spiritual journey. This process will help you achieve emotional equilibrium, one of the most important lessons to be learned on Earth’s plane. Stride forth with courage. You are always loved and supported by the realm of spirit.