June 2009 – The Power of the Midpoint


We welcome you, our dear friends. June is the month located in the middle of the year. Each year presents a new cycle offering an opportunity for personal soul growth. June, by holding the midpoint between the beginning and the end of the year, has a significance that is rarely recognized.

Wherever two of anything is found, the point equidistant from each exerts great influence. This abstract idea may seem to have little bearing on the actual activities of everyday life; however, the relevance of the midpoint is very important at an energetic and spiritual level.

When a cycle begins, a certain thought form emerges at the outset with a blueprint for the entire period. The idea that is manifesting gains in power as it moves toward the middle of the cycle. When the midpoint is reached, the outer expression appears in full bloom, providing the energy needed to complete the remainder of the cycle.

Our transmissions present a concrete example of this concept. Every year has a theme that unfolds throughout the twelve months. Each month is a segment contributing to the idea being presented in that year. Our transmissions come to you on the fifteenth of every month, in order to be sent at the point of greatest power. What we have never addressed before, however, is the importance the month of June supplies as the midpoint of the year.

We would like to offer a physical picture that may illustrate what we are saying. Visualize in your mind’s eye a man carrying two pots of water he has just taken from the village well. Each pot is tied by a rope to a wooden pole carried over his shoulders. In order to be balanced, they are on his right and left side with the wood providing the fulcrum needed to carry more than his two hands could do.

The man at the midpoint between the two pots supplies the necessary power to accomplish the task. Without his position at the center, that amount of water could not be carried. This is a simple example of the significance of the midpoint in any situation. The reason we speak of this matter is because one of our most important tasks is to present spiritual principles existing behind the many aspects of life on the third dimension.

Also, whenever the duality of two includes a third element, the triangulation brings harmony, focus and power to a given situation. We ask that you remember this concept, because any effort will increase in significance if it emanates from a matrix of three. In the future, every endeavor on the Earth plane will need a triangulation imprint for success. A growing awareness of triangulation, coupled with specific practices, will become widespread in the centuries ahead.

With these ideas in mind, let us look again at June. We repeat again for emphasis that this month holds a significant position of power and influence within the twelve months of the year. January through May includes a quiet time completing the cycle of winter, a germination period, and then the emergence of a new cycle of growth. It is June that presents the first picture of what the full growth will be like.

It is therefore important to take time during the month of June to reflect upon your own personal cycle for the year 2009. If you began in January with a stated intent for the year, now is the time to review the past five months to determine how your intent has been unfolding. If you did not consciously form intent at the outset of the year, we ask that you do so, using the previous months to identify what has been a significant theme for you during this time.

We are attempting to introduce you to the concept of moving from a state of unconscious reaction to one of conscious direction in your life. In order to bring about this shift, it is necessary to recognize and be cognizant of the unseen energies continuously impacting you and your world. The energies that exist at the midpoint of a cycle are some of the most important for you to be aware of and use for your personal benefit.

During the remainder of the month, we ask that you take the time to do an assessment of where you are at this point in 2009. What have been the key issues that have occurred in your life since January? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction about your life during this time? If so, continue living as you have been.

If you do not feel positively about the first part of 2009, stop, go within and listen to the wisdom of your inner self. Learn what you need to know in order to direct your life in a new and better way. By doing this, you will have become a conscious creator instead of an unconscious reactor to the challenges of life. What could be greater than that?