June 2008 – Healing Oneself


We welcome you, our dear friends. We are here this month to speak with you about a most important issue facing incarnating souls living on the Earth plane, that of healing. Many people currently are struggling with physical, emotional or mental health concerns. It seems that everywhere someone can be found who is dealing with a variety of conditions regarding his or her health.

There are specific reasons for this situation. A key explanation can be found in the weakening electromagnetic force field of Earth. Your planet goes through recurring cycles of strong and weak electromagnetism. This polarity forms the basis for evolutionary change, since the underlying energy field of Earth directly affects all areas of life appearing on its surface.

A weak electromagnetic field diminishes the foundational support humans draw upon for their sustenance at an energetic level. During a time of reduced electromagnetic release, the planet lowers its energy output so that new stronger emissions eventually can emerge that will bring about evolutionary change. In this kind of period, human beings are forced to adapt and develop their own methods for supplying needed energy levels, since the planet herself is not able to do so.

In the past, when there was lower electromagnetic output, human beings on Earth sought out sources both within themselves and beyond their planet to compensate for the lack of energetic support. It was during these times, that progress was made in contacting other civilizations within the galaxy, and so it will be now and in the future.

The issue of Earth’s force field is important because of its direct correlation to the health of those living on her surface. As the field weakens, health issues become more prevalent. Also, environmental degradation, natural disasters and the vibratory affects of warfare are adversely impacting the people of your planet. The combination of these factors is creating intense stress upon life at all levels.

Finally, those living on Earth also are the recipients of powerful vibratory waves from the center of the galaxy, which are accelerating the evolutionary development of those living on your planet. When all of these factors are combined, it is no wonder that the physical, emotional and mental health of many is strained, at times to the breaking point.

For this reason, we would like to address the topic of healing, since it is a primary issue surfacing everywhere. True healing requires the combining and pursuance of a body-mind-spirit approach to treatment. Ancient cultures knew that every individual possessed the power to heal within themselves, which, when activated, could provide curative results.

Because of this knowledge, the process involving treatment of a sick person was quite different then that experienced today. A group of people would gather for the purpose of supporting the patient, who would go within to access his or her soul knowing to determine the cause of the imbalance on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Those present would perform vibratory rituals to assist the sick person by stimulating inner healing powers, causing a release of the negativity that had created the illness. Over the eons, this personal and communal approach to healing disappeared and is found today in only a few indigenous cultures throughout the planet. The Navajo Blessing Way ceremony contains some of the practices used so long ago.

Down through time, methods of healing changed and came to be centered on one person who would assume the responsibility for curing an individual who was ill. Shamans, medicine men or women, and doctors were the primary sources people went to for assistance. The knowledge regarding one’s own healing capabilities has been lost in the advances of technology and current medical science.

We do not want to diminish the importance various methods have held in combating sickness. Each and every modality of healing is of value, but what has been lost is the patient’s role in curing illnesses of the body, mind and spirit. Another element missing in most medical practices of today is the necessity for accessing the universal healing force of spirit, which is readily available and plays a definitive but unseen role in the curing of illness.

Having presented this background, we now would like to speak about the most successful way to address illnesses of all kinds. Seek out a doctor, therapist or health practitioner of your choice and enter into a cooperative relationship where your wishes will be respected during consideration of various kinds of treatment. Then take responsibility for what actions are needed on your part to restore good health.

The next step requires going within to determine the reasons for the illness and what course is the best one to follow at a personal level. The body has an innate wisdom, as does the soul encased within the bodily structure, both of which will release the information into conscious awareness. Illness is always a sign of an imbalance of some sort that needs to be addressed. Realizing the underlying cause of the illness and dealing with it speeds the healing process and prevents a recurrence in the future.

Finally, call upon the power of universal spirit. The influx of vibratory waves from higher dimensions and ultimately the Primal Source are important but unrecognized in the healing process. By invoking this unseen power, one generally is able to move easily and quickly through an illness, unless the illness has been undertaken as a learning lesson for the soul. If this is the case, the information we have provided can still make the path easier and will supply the necessary awareness, whether it is support during a lingering illness or loving acceptance for the conclusion of this lifetime’s experience.