June 2007 – A Time for Physical Healing


We welcome you, our dear friends. During this month, a particularly powerful energy field has approached and enveloped Earth. It has brought an influx of waves and particles coming from the center of your galaxy. This force is the precursor of other emissions that will be impacting your planet in the months and years ahead. It has entered unseen with most of the inhabitants of Earth being unaware of its existence.

Your solar system is coming into alignment with the center of your galaxy, which various cultures from the earliest times have called the Womb of the Mother. These cultures recognized the highly significant role the creative Source from the core of your galaxy played in the unfolding of their lives. They were aware that at various intervals potent bursts of energy from this center would descend onto Earth impulsing and impacting a wide variety of life forms.

This knowledge served as the foundation of their spiritual practices. These earlier people attuned to the incoming energy field and incorporated its essence in a positive and constructive way into their daily lives. It was used as a generating force to raise consciousness. They knew that their solar system was an integral part of the galactic community you currently call the Milky Way and injected this awareness into every area of their existence.

They laid out their towns, religious monuments, even their roads to reflect the patterns they saw in the sky. They believed that they could pull down spiritualizing forces from the galaxy by replicating the alignments they witnessed from on high. Their ability to see the interconnectedness of all life was more highly developed than what currently exists in this day and age.

Now, however, there is a reawakening happening in key areas throughout your planet. The old wisdom is reappearing and starting to spread. From this point on, incarnating souls will begin to remember in ever larger numbers that they are citizens of the universe living within a beautiful galaxy, which nurtures and impulses them on an ongoing basis.

Once one believes at a conscious level that this process exists, the next step is to recognize the impact that these galactic energy emissions have. Currently, the most noticeable effect has been at the physical level. In the first two weeks of this month, the incoming energy field has activated many weaknesses that have lain dormant in the human body.

People all over the globe are suddenly dealing with minor to very serious physical illnesses. Many of these illnesses are appearing in the head and lung areas and are accompanied by the breakdown of the immune system. There are a number of different reasons for the increase in these physical aliments. In some cases, the preexisting condition has lain dormant within the body and is being brought forth at this time for healing.

Another cause can be found in the combined affect that warfare, the use of military weaponry and the energy emissions from modern technology have on the quality of the atmosphere encircling Earth. The final and overwhelming reason for the increase in certain types of illness, however, lies in the bombardment that is occurring from the center of the galaxy.

This influx of galactic energy is loving and benign. It is meant to identify areas within the body that need healing and activate them to be resolved once and for all. As climatic conditions intensify in the coming years, those who will be able to ride the wave of change in a state of high well being must be strong physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

The latest influx of galactic energy is addressing the need for physical healing wherever it exists. In some cases, the healing will end in the conclusion of life with the accompanying lessons learned in this incarnation. But for many the result will be a stronger physical body ready to face the challenges of the times ahead. So if you are in the throes of a debilitating illness at the present time, consider yourself blessed.

You have agreed at the soul level to take on a much needed clearing that will bring you to a higher level of physical well being in the future. Concentrate on releasing the old patterns of sickness through whatever healing modes are required. Finally, pull into your body the powerful galactic energy that is here to help in the process, and you will look back at this time as one that was worth it in every way.