June 2006 – The Birthing of a New World


We welcome you, our dear friends, as we reach the midpoint of this pivotal year, 2006. You may see by now that consolidation of power is playing a significant role in different areas of your lives. Have you found yourselves in many intense circumstances – whether it be in the growing awareness of your own personal power or in key interpersonal relationships either with family, friends or work related matters?

Is it not readily evident that political forces have been coalescing into ever more polarizing stances worldwide? Does warfare seem to be the norm for interaction between nations? In addition, have you been able to sense the growing force within your planet that is causing an escalation of severe weather patterns throughout the globe?

Mother Earth is gathering the energy within her core to assist in the changes needed for humanity to rise up the spiral of life. She is focusing her vibrational energy so that all that lives on her surface will experience a profound transformation. To bring this about, the electromagnetic field of Earth is weakening and undergoing a shift of major proportions.

This shift also is creating a change within the molecular structure of the human body. It is becoming less dense in its etheric and physical form. This subtle but significant change, unrecognized by most people, is experienced in a wide variety of ways. For many, severe illnesses, unknown at the conscious level, have surfaced to be treated and healed, because a body impacted by disease cannot withstand the changing pressure of Earth’s declining electromagnetic field.

For others, old conditioning and no longer useful emotional patterns are coming forward to be recognized and discarded. Some people are feeling a great sense of disconnection, having moved into an inner space known as the void – a state of spiritual suspension where time and action holds no meaning during a period when the soul is changing direction. Many more people are having deeper states of consciousness through prayer, meditation and contemplation.

Most incarnating souls on the Earth plane are unaware that the monumental changes occurring in their outer world are also happening to them personally on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. As Earth goes through her agonizing transformation, all life on her surface is being impulsed with a powerful vibrational energy that is destroying the old forms of life and creating more advanced forms of expression.

This process is evolutionary in nature and will continue for some time before it is completed. By the beginning of the twenty-third century, Earth will be very different than it is today in continental and oceanic placement, and a new human species will have emerged to play its role on the stage of spiritual growth and development. These more advanced humans will look back to our age as the gestation period for all that has come after.

The dynamics of our present era could be compared to the human birth process. As a mother comes close to delivering her baby, she gathers all her energy and power for the final push to bring the unborn child into the world. This state is analogous to where Earth and her inhabitants are today. A New World is coming into existence, and power is coalescing on all levels to assist in this process.

Use this growing vortex of energy to strengthen and recreate yourselves at all levels. Use your newfound power to assist in creating this New World. Lift your heads and look with courage at the death and destruction occurring about you. They are the means by which a higher phase of life is emerging. The old must be cleared away so that the new can come forth, take hold and prosper.

Whether you recognize it or not, you live at the juncture of two very different periods of existence on your planet. You were chosen to participate in this pivotal time as a co-creator with Mother Earth and the Source of All That Is to initiate a new age in spiritual development. Go forth into these powerful times with faith in the goodness existing in all life, no matter how it manifests, knowing that you are loved and upheld always by the realm of spirit.