July 2017 – Completion of Life Issues


We welcome you, our dear friends. The month of July is the midpoint in the pivotal year of 2017. This year ends a nine year cycle that has been of great significance to incarnating souls on Earth. This cycle has begun an opening into higher dimensional consciousness, which in later retrospect will be quite evident. We ask you to take a moment to reflect upon your life during these past nine years. Has there been a prevailing theme or series of events that have been prominent in your life?

Please take the time to access the inner information regarding your past nine years. This information is of vital importance to you. It has been a time of far greater significance than you might imagine. During this period, there has been a coming together of significant life issues, which you are now able to bring to completion. For many of you, these issues have existed for lifetimes and have been an important spiritual learning on your life journey.

Upon careful reflection, what has been the key issue you have dealt with during this time? You are now ready to understand its significance, honor its role in your spiritual growth and development, and reach a point of completion. For this reason, a period of review and recapitulation is most helpful. What we are asking you to do is of great importance and will help you reach a deeper understanding regarding your life’s purpose.

The United States has also gone through a pivotal nine-year cycle. A hidden polarity of long standing intensity and duration has emerged for all to see and recognize. This polarity must be addressed and healed in order for any significant progress on a national scale to occur. It has taken nine years for this issue to become clear and recognizable. The cycle has ended, and a new nine year cycle has begun.

There will be an ongoing emphasis on healing polarity in the years ahead. The destructiveness of conflict and strife will be less and less tolerable as people try to find respite from ongoing tension. This will be true on a personal level as incarnating souls gain a recognition regarding unresolved life issues and move to finalize them. A new period with a different emphasis is emerging for the people of Earth both personally and nationally.

For this reason, old unresolved issues are a hindrance that must be addressed and finalized. New awareness regarding life and its ultimate purpose is becoming evident to a growing number of people. Polarity that is unchecked in any area of life is unproductive and only leads to ultimate disintegration. What polarity does do is provide the stepping stone to unity, the final spiritual destination for all incarnating souls.

The unifying principal of love and acceptance is the evolutionary goal for humanity. This is true on all levels of existence whether personal, national or global. Every person on the planet is being impulsed with this awareness, which is seeping into the consciousness of all. It will not be evident on an outer level for some time, but the seeding process is underway. You can participate by finalizing issues that need attention in your own life. This will be a true act of service on your part.

We know that many of you are experiencing fatigue and stress given the intensity of life on so many different levels. We ask that you take time to nurture and regenerate yourselves. You are of great value and must be able to continue your act of service. Seek out lighthearted enjoyment and revel in what is positive in your lives. There is much to be valued so focus your attention on it.

We would also like to bring to your attention an important reality. Many souls on spiritual realms beyond the third dimension are sending positive vibratory energy to those of you living on Earth. This energy is a stabilizing force, which is strengthening on many different levels. You just need to tap into it. Take time to regularly connect to it for relief and rejuvenation. It will be amazingly helpful.

It is important to see that everything that is happening in your world is ultimately for the highest good even though it does not seem so. Let this be a mantra that you continually draw upon. It will sustain you throughout the most difficult times. Remember always that you are a child of the Creator and have come to the Earth plane to grow spiritually. Everything that you are experiencing is contributing to this goal. We send blessings and encouragement to you. You are loved.