July 2014 – An Expanded View of Spirituality


We welcome you, our dear friends. We speak to you as friends since we have a connection with those of you who read our messages from the realm of spirit. It is the bond of souls united on the same spiritual wave length. Have you ever stopped to think about the connection we have together or what is its significance? Some of you have been following our transmissions from their beginning nine years ago. Have you ever stopped to reflect upon what kind of interaction was occurring here?

Many of you may never have thought about the energy exchange that is happening each month or that reading our transmissions is an act of connection between us. If you reread the transmission or even better read it aloud, the connection is even greater since an interaction occurs which gives power to what we have said. By acknowledging the validity of our existence and our messages, you are experiencing a major expansion in awareness whether you know it or not.

If you use any of the information we provide, you have moved into a realm of multidimensional consciousness since we do not reside in Earth’s three dimensional world. Have you ever thought about the effect these transmissions have upon you in this way? One of the primary abilities we continually have asked of you is being able to sense and identify the multiple energies you interact with daily. Our transmissions have a spiritual vibration that surrounds you as you read and reflect upon what we have said.

Every time you expand your consciousness spiritually, you are moving beyond the confines of Earth’s vibratory field. Have you ever thought about spirituality in this context? Every spiritual thought or act projects you out beyond the parameters of Earth into a realm of higher awareness whether you recognize it or not. It is time for you to realize what true spirituality is. It is a state existing beyond the third dimension and a gateway into totally new realms of existence.

Whenever you meditate, pray, contemplate or think about anything in spiritual terms, you have left Earth’s vibration and entered an expanded field of awareness. It is important that you recognize what is happening, so that you can utilize these more refined energies for your own spiritual growth and service to your planet. The third dimension is the realm of physical matter. Spiritual energies exist on a vast number of higher, more refined planes. So every time you attune spiritually, you have moved out beyond the boundaries of Earth into multidimensional consciousness.

Very few people think of spirituality in these terms. When involved in a spiritual practice, there is little comprehension regarding the change that is occurring within. Participating in any spiritual practice shifts the energy field of the person involved. It is as if the person has stepped into a higher, more refined space outside of the confines of the third dimension. In all the years of contact with our readers, we have never spoken of this transference. We do so now for a specific reason.

Numerous people all over the planet are living in a state of duality as they span the third and fourth dimensions simultaneously. In order to accomplish this feat successfully requires a state of balance and inner strength as well as recognition of what is happening. We are asking you to realize that when you are involved in any spiritual practice you have entered the fourth dimension and have expanded capabilities available to use.

What are these abilities? Just a few are awareness of events that have yet to occur, ability to create a desired reality, expanded self-healing powers, heightened capacity to see beyond the confines of the third dimension, and most significantly an expansion of brain function that will bring with it powers unknown to the human race at the present time.

So we ask that you view the spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, contemplation and attunement to higher realms for what they really are. They are acts that raise your consciousness beyond normal human functioning. You are in an altered state when doing any one of them. These spiritual practices have a direct effect upon the human brain as they add to overall brain capacity and functioning.

Whenever you enter a spiritual state, you are contributing to the evolutionary process in a direct and meaningful way. When physical matter becomes irradiated with the light of spirit, you are becoming co-creators with Divine Oneness. We ask, therefore, that you look upon spirituality in a more expanded way. Recognize that you are entering a higher, more refined state whenever you are involved in a spiritual practice.

The next step, which we will address in the coming months, will be an in-depth look at the abilities we have mentioned above. It is now time for incarnating souls on Earth to expand spiritually in concrete ways that will benefit and serve the people of Earth. Human beings need to know that they can raise consciousness through spiritual attunement. Doing so will lift you above your present abilities into a realm far beyond what you ever thought possible.