July 2013 – Taking Personal Responsibility for Planetary Healing

We welcome you, our dear friends. We wish to thank those of you who have attuned to the information we have been providing for the past seven years. We also want to welcome those of you who have come recently to this website. The individual receiving these transmissions is one of many who are serving in this capacity throughout the planet. We do want, however, to take a moment to thank her for the service she has provided.

Since incarnating souls on Earth are embarking upon a new cycle of extended time, we will be presenting in the months ahead a series of concepts regarding the human condition, which will include new skills and abilities people on your planet are developing. It is very important for you to be acutely aware of the vast number of major changes that are occurring in every walk of life. The winds of change are accelerating, bringing with them a totally new set of human experiences.

One major development is a significant shift in power, both politically and sociologically. Throughout the planet, disenfranchised masses are rising to challenge the entrenched patterns of authority that have been in existence for ages. There is a growing sense among people all over Earth that they have basic rights that have been ignored, and they intend to remedy the situation. A strong sense of personal empowerment is becoming the order of the day.

The role of women is in its ascendancy. After an extended period of male supremacy, the increased power of women is growing in even the most repressive of societies. A state of balance between the sexes is the goal, which will bring about more harmony and unity in all walks of life. Women provide connection and nurturance; both of which are sorely needed at the present time.

One of the most significant conditions currently impacting people, however, is the physical condition of the planet. Earth is experiencing massive climatic change, which is creating havoc worldwide. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, earthquakes, forest fires and excessive heat are prevalent on most continents. Gaia, the spiritual being inhabiting Earth, is in a state of turmoil. The ongoing warlike behavior surfacing in many countries and the blatant disrespect for the physical welfare of the planet is taxing her overall state of well-being.

The extreme climatic conditions can be traced directly to Gaia’s response to what is occurring on her surface. True, there is a cyclical aspect to emerging weather conditions, but what is happening on Earth goes far beyond normal changes in weather. Earth’s inhabitants must take responsibility for the role they are playing in causing the climatic turmoil presently occurring all over the planet, because the loss of life and destruction of property is reaching epic proportions.

How can you take responsibility for the extreme climatic conditions and offer much needed assistance to the planet on which you reside?  You can start by bringing peace and light to any incendiary situation you encounter in your daily life. Wherever anger and hostility exist, the vibratory field of the planet is being detrimentally affected. Constantly attune yourself to the energies you are encountering. Where there is disharmony of any kind, visualize and project a vibration that soothes and heals while you address the situation.

It is important to realize that all life exists in a unified field and that everything is interconnected. Mental and emotional energy is a powerful force that has much greater impact than most people realize. What you think and feel affects your world in direct and powerful ways. Constantly see yourself as part of an interactive dance with everything existing in your world. Develop a sense of peace and harmony and radiate it out to all those about you. You will be providing healing to the planet far beyond what you can even know.

Most people do not realize what is causing the severe weather surfacing all over Earth. They do not feel they have any personal responsibility for what is happening. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once you accept the concept of a unified field, personal responsibility becomes evident. A major step in your spiritual development is taken when you start to recognize that you are an integral and connected part of your entire world and begin to act accordingly.

It would be beneficial for you to take a few minutes each day to focus on your planet and send healing energy to her. Gaia’s condition is serious, and she needs love and support from those living on her surface. The statement we have just made is very important. Please take personal responsibility and do your part in assisting in the healing of your planet. In so doing, you will grow spiritually and take a major step up the spiral of life.