July 2011 – Earth, a Place for Major Soul Growth


We welcome you, our dear friends. We are here in close proximity to you and have been intermittently so for many eons. We are a group soul that has been assigned the task of elevating human consciousness by bringing information that will increase spiritual awareness in all areas of life. Down through the ages, we have offered support and loving guidance to the souls incarnating on Earth’s surface.

The evolutionary process on your planet has reached the apex of an extended period of growth and development. We ask that you consider what has just been said here, for it is of considerable importance. It might be difficult to accept this idea since so much appears to be disintegrating about you. The reality of what is happening is far different than it appears.

Many different cultures and peoples have inhabited your planet throughout the ages, experiencing the human condition in a wide variety of ways. Each culture focused on that aspect of life, which allowed souls to learn and create in the dense vibrational field of the third dimension. The Earth plane emits powerful waves of energy, which assist the soul growth of the individual at all levels.

The density of the planet’s vibrational field leaves an indelible imprint on the matrix of the soul. Whenever a soul is ready for a major expansion in consciousness, it moves into the incarnational field of Earth in order to accelerate the development of the soul. Within the realms of spirit, it is considered an honor to live on and experience the many growth-producing challenges of planet Earth.

If you are able to accept this idea, your view of who you are and why you are here will be radically changed. The horizon of your life will be greatly expanded, and you will begin to take the first steps into multidimensional consciousness. Each of you has an immortal soul that has existed since the outset of creation. For eons, your soul consciousness has explored the many realms of time, space and beyond. You are far greater than you believe you are in every way.

Let us consider for a moment what the vibrational field has been for all incarnating souls on Earth. Visualize the planet as a whole. Which of the four primary elements of earth, air, fire or water seem to be preeminent? The two most in evidence are water and earth. As seen from space, your planet is a beautiful blue-green orb of vast oceans with continents providing habitation for those who choose to incarnate here.

Of these four primary elements, your planet emphasizes the life experiences associated with water and earth. Water cleanses, dissolves, changes and nurtures whatever it comes in contact with. Human emotions are directly related to the element of water. The element of earth provides solidity and strength wherever it is found. These two elements are continually present in all of the life situations your planet offers.

Therefore, the ultimate experience on your planet involves mastering and grounding the emotional nature as it exists in the dense vibratory field of the third dimension. The ability to maintain a solid and centered emotional state in the midst of constantly challenging life experiences is an accurate description of the human condition.

How does one reach this goal? It is achieved when human beings live continually connected to their inner soul essence, which becomes the guiding and stabilizing force in life. We have just described the steps that encompass the soul’s journey on planet Earth. The first is to flow with and master the many changing aspects of human emotion. The second is to develop a strength and solidity of nature that can deal effectively with any situation that arises while being constantly connected to one’s inner soul wisdom.

This last paragraph encapsulates the entirety of the soul’s experience on Earth. When you can live from this simple but profound awareness, you will have mastered the knowledge that Earth offers and will be ready to move on to new and different kinds of soul growth. Many of you are on the verge of reaching this place in your evolutionary journey. One of our tasks is to make you aware of this fact and help you in the process of completion.

The people of Earth seem to be awash in one intense emotional storm after another. The decibel level of extreme emotions seems to be rising everywhere. We ask that you view these conditions as positive in nature. By releasing emotional pain and stabilizing the emotional nature, the incarnating soul gains a richness and depth of soul wisdom, which can always be drawn upon.

Emotions provide commitment and connection. When people reach the point where emotional stability links them with others in a positive, enhancing way, the lesson provided by the water element of Earth has been learned. The earth element is mastered, when the qualities of reliability and strength are anchored in the human persona. As the ultimate bond with the soul is established, the cycle of evolutionary development on the third dimension is complete. This is the goal for which you came to Earth. Embrace and master it. Now is the time!