July 2010 – Establishing a Planetary Relationship


We welcome you, our dear friends. The need for preparation is increasing and becoming more important by the day. A powerful shift in the affairs of human beings on your planet is approaching ever closer. The period in which you are living has been awaited by people down through the ages who were enlightened and able to understand the deeper significance of cycles.

In this transmission, we would like to speak about your planet as you proceed together through the challenging years ahead. All life moves through ever-widening cycles that unfold in a beautiful universal rhythm. When a person is able to identify the vibratory patterns within a current cycle, the ability to understand and chart life in a positive direction increases exponentially.

Earth has been involved in a process of spiritual growth and development just as you have. Your planet has a powerful indwelling spirit that has supported the human beings who have come to Earth to learn and grow in the fields of matter. One of the most significant developments in the coming years will be the increasing awareness that Earth has an intelligent spiritual essence interacting at an energetic level with every human being on her surface.

As this knowledge and recognition grows, more and more people will connect with Mother Earth through celebratory rituals, quiet attunement and political support, which will protect and preserve the life essence of the planet instead of using up her natural resources, as is occurring now. The prevailing predatory view of most humans towards their planet must shift to one of loving protection for all the natural beauty that is being steadily depleted on a massive scale.

Attunement to the spiritual essence of the planet and protection for all of her natural resources should be a primary priority for every person living on Earth. The seed of this awareness has been planted and is starting to grow in the minds and hearts of people, but there is an opposing entrenched movement that wants to use and despoil the planet for economic gain.

A great battle is being waged between the protectors of the planet and those that would prey upon her for their own personal profit. It is an ancient conflict that has been in existence for eons and is erupting anew at the present time. This is why the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is having such a major affect on people all over the world.

The enormity of the damage is bringing recognition to many that changes in how we use our natural resources must occur in order for the health of the animal life and pristine waters to be maintained. What is transpiring in the Gulf of Mexico is a drama of planetary proportions and is bringing the message that the present course will eventually cause the demise of Earth and her inhabitants.

Intelligent life everywhere deals with the issue of personal and planetary responsibility. Part of the learning process of the soul involves joining in a cooperative relationship with its planet. When your awareness expands beyond the daily elements of life and merges directly with the heart and soul of your planet, a powerful energetic connection is formed.

This connection is personally expanding for you and brings positive supportive energy to Earth, which she sorely needs. You also will have taken a major step forward on your spiritual path. Achieving planetary consciousness is a highly significant step on the soul’s journey. The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico is a collective event that is raising awareness regarding a people’s responsibility towards the body that supports their life.

So we ask that you devote time each week to connect with your Mother Earth. You can do this by seeking out a place of natural beauty whether it is in the mountains, by a body of water, a park or even sitting in your yard near something that is green and growing. Close your eyes and quiet your mind using your breath to raise your vibration.

At a certain point, you will feel the pulsation of Earth. Once you have established a connection with your planet, you will never be the same again. You will have become part of a larger energy system, one you can draw upon and send energy to whenever it is needed. You will also be paving the way for the new human species that is just starting to arrive.

These highly advanced people will live in harmony with their planet, protecting and preserving Earth in many ways unknown at the present time. The divine plan for Earth is based on its remaining a home for incarnating souls for an extended time into the future. In order for this to be, a significant shift needs to occur in the minds and hearts of people regarding their relationship to their planet.

Taking responsibility for your Earth is one of the most important forms of preparation you can make during this triad of years leading to 2012. For many months, we have spoken about the personal preparations you can make before the Great Shift. Now we ask that you expand your preparation to that of a planetary level. Join in a symbiotic relationship of love and support with this great being on which you reside. You will never regret it!