July 2009 – The High Point of the Year’s Cycle


We welcome you, our dear friends. The months of June, July and August form an apex of power in each year’s cycle. One of the most important concepts, which we speak about often, is the spiritual energy found within a cycle. Life on your planet is generated and continually impacted by cycles. Motion emanates from a circular core and then moves out into a wider pattern, which assumes the shape of a spiral.

Recognizing this energy flow attunes a human being to the unseen but essential rhythms pulsating at the base of all life on Earth. Up until recent times, people on your planet organized their activities by the many phases of the moon. They knew their existence was constantly impacted by unseen forces that operated regularly in their lives.

Earlier inhabitants of Earth planned their activities to coincide with the unfolding cycles of existence. They drew upon the type of energy that was manifesting at the time. They were able to incorporate unseen spiritual energies into many aspects of their daily activities, thereby increasing the power and effectiveness of their lives.

Planting, growing and harvesting followed the cycles of the moon to assure maximum yield. Key fishing days were identified, guaranteeing continuously large catches. Times for worship, prayer and ceremony were always attuned to the energy of each cycle manifesting at that time. By doing so, people were able to connect more easily to higher spiritual realms.

About three hundred years ago, a new form of human expression emerged on your planet. The plan for humanity began to emphasize linear rational thought, as science exerted more and more influence. This development was essential in balancing the evolutionary progress of the human race, but it resulted in the loss of the knowledge and practices regarding how the energy of cycles moves and impacts daily lives.

Within the coming two centuries, certain basic principles will assume prominence: that all people possess a spiritual essence at the core of their being directly connected to the Creator, that unseen energies are constantly impacting them on a regular basis, and that your planet exists within a universe teeming with a multiplicity of life forms, both similar and dissimilar to those on Earth.

At the present time, people all over the planet are becoming more aware of the natural rhythms of life. By just recognizing how the waxing and waning of the moon affects plant growth, people reconnect to the power cycles hold. There also is a growing interest in the lunar calendar, which more accurately reflects the true rhythms of Earth.

We spoke last month about the power of the midpoint, which the month of June possesses. We now would like to speak about how that power manifests during the months of July and August. These two months form the high point of every year. What was put into motion during the earlier part of the year comes into its greatest expression during this period.

This concept becomes readily evident if one reflects on the high degree of activity found in all areas of life during July and August. Summer is a time for play and enjoyment, as people experience the bounty of what Earth produces. Use the power of July and August to bring into full expression the theme for your year. Recognize and honor the pinnacle that is reached during this period.

We now would like to ask you to go deeper within yourself and try to connect with the rhythm your planet is emitting. Identify what is the best part of your life and celebrate it. Many of you may be dealing with tests and trials at this time. Recognizing something positive, no matter how small, and expressing gratitude for it anchors your capacity to manifest your highest good.

One of the next aspects for the growth and development of human beings on Earth will be the ability to create what they want at any given time. There are simple but profound steps in this process. The first is forming a conscious intent, which is then projected out with focused will.

The next step is attuning to the spiritual energy found within the existing cycle. The last step is having recognition and gratitude for having created what one needs. The spiritual energy found within each cycle provides assistance and support for human beings on the Earth plane. During July and August, the highest expression and clearest view of the good one has created will help to perpetuate it throughout the remainder of the year.

Honor and celebrate what you have done, no matter how large or small. Recognize that you have the power to create a positive life for yourself. Draw upon the spiritual energies that are always there for you. Know that you have the divinity of the Creator within you and that ultimately there is always something good unfolding in your life, particularly if you are consciously creating it.