July 2008 – Projecting One’s Energy Field


We welcome you, our dear friends. Your planet has reached the midpoint in this important year. Earth is in the throes of an intense bombardment of vibratory waves impacting life on all levels. These waves generally can not be seen by the physical eye, unless an individual’s intuitive powers have been enhanced by spiritual practices opening that extrasensory capability.

The influx of these powerful spiritual energies continues unabated, whether seen or unseen, by those souls currently incarnating on Earth’s plane. Know that these energies are there and will bring about a shift of monumental proportions in all areas of existence during the twenty-first century and beyond.

Every human being has a vibratory field surrounding the physical body, which receives and absorbs incoming universal impulses. It is often called the “etheric sheath” and plays a highly significant role in an individual’s overall health and well being. This protective layer reduces the severity of impact from incoming vibratory waves on the physical body.

One of the most significant developments of this current century will be the growing awareness of the body’s true nature. At the present time, most people relate to their physical bodies as the sum and substance of whom and what they are. When, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

The physical body is merely the densest manifestation of the totality of an individual’s being. Each body contains an indwelling soul, a spark of the Creator, which provides life for the physical form. Vibratory sheaths of energy outside the body contribute to a variety of functions assisting and enhancing life in many different ways.

It is now time for you to recognize the fact that you are far more than your physical body. By doing so, you will be reacquainted with the extent of your personal power and how you can activate it. There never has been a more significant time on your planet for this transformation to take place.

Earth currently is moving into powerful fields of vibratory waves. These waves will change life as you have known it at all levels. In order to use this transformation as a means to rise up the spiral of life, you must begin to see yourself as you truly are – a child of the universe with powers and capabilities far beyond what you presently see or know.

First and foremost, an individual must have an awareness regarding the energy fields surrounding the physical body, which impact the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the being. At the present time, we would like to speak about the etheric sheath, which constitutes the layer directly adjacent to the physical body.

This energy field reflects and resembles the physical body in a lighter, more transparent way. It conducts unseen forces into the body at a measured and safe rate. Its primary purpose is that of protection and enhancement and contributes directly to the overall well being of the incarnating soul.

However, it has a significant secondary purpose. The etheric sheath can not only receive but also can project energy from the body out into the surrounding field. Therefore, it has both a receptive and directive function. It is this directive function that we would like to speak about now.

The time has arrived when the people of Earth need to become acquainted with the fact that they can impact their physical environment through projection of their personal energy field. The ability is basic and has been available for eons, but this knowledge has been lost to most for centuries. It is now time to reactivate this personal power.

Human beings on Earth are ready to join in a cooperative endeavor with the indwelling spirit of the planet to reestablish balance and wholeness in all areas of life. This can be accomplished when human beings direct the vibratory energy from their etheric sheath into the planet’s core.

This goal can be achieved individually or in groups through visualization, thought projection or directed mental intent. The process is quite simple but very powerful. Sit in silence until your inner state is one of quiet focus and relaxed serenity. Then visualize the etheric sheath surrounding your body.

Some of you may actually be able to discern it with your third-dimensional sight. See your sheath closing for a moment while you gather the energy encased within it. Then, with your mind, project out from your etheric sheath a ray of powerful mental intent, penetrating deeply into the planet. See within this ray the sustenance and healing Earth sorely needs.

Even though you may not be able to see the result of your actions, we can assure you from our vantage point that you have given important assistance to the home that has nurtured you for so long. You can use positive, reinforcing energy from your etheric sheath in all types of circumstances and situations that may arise in your daily life.

One simple example might be a small group that is experiencing conflict within its members over an issue they can not resolve. If one or more members in the group can consciously project positive energy from the etheric sheath into the existing dynamic, a shift towards a more positive conclusion may well develop.

Any situation, whether it be physical, emotional, psychological or environmental can be aided by directed electromagnetic energy projected from the etheric sheath. We ask that you consider carefully what we have said here. It is time for the people of Earth to offer their dormant powers in service to the planet and all forms of life found on her surface.

You have the ability to manifest through intent and create whatever you wish. You have the power of healing, both of self and others. You can positively impact your physical environment through projection of your personal energy field. Connect to your inner spiritual essence through prayer, meditation and attunement. The time for humanity’s next great step is now. Take it and don’t look back.