July 2007 – A Time for Healing the Subconscious Mind


We welcome you, our dear friends. The inhabitants of Earth have reached the midpoint of this momentous year. Energy emissions from the center of your galaxy have been increasing in intensity throughout the past few months. The result has been the identification of weakened areas within the human body that require attention. The healing of unresolved issues held within the subconscious mind is now being brought into play for all incarnating souls on your planet.

Have many of you been dealing with personal situations you thought had been addressed at an earlier time? Or have longstanding situations needing attention suddenly come forth again seemingly out of nowhere? Whereas last month’s emphasis was on the necessity for physical healing, a new area has been surfacing in recent weeks – the release of unresolved pain and suffering held within the subconscious mind.

The subconscious is a vast reservoir containing the memories of all the soul has encountered throughout the many dimensions of the Creator. This data bank is so huge that the incarnating soul holds it at a level of non-conscious knowing, somewhat akin to carrying a large piece of luggage while traveling on a long trip. Periodically, if it is in the best interest of the soul, the suitcase is opened and a segment of a life experience is taken out and released into conscious awareness.

This material surfaces because of the value it can play at the present time. Very often one is not even aware that the release process is going on. When one is unconscious of what is happening, the release will take on a very different complexion. It will be acted out as just another series of events in life, having no particular significance beyond what is occurring on the material plane.

However, if an individual believes that everyone has an immortal soul, which holds the knowledge of all that has happened, there will be the recognition that issues needing resolution may surface from time to time for healing. Knowing this, the individual will be able to identify the difference between subconscious release and ordinary daily events.

Why do we speak now of such an abstract and seemingly esoteric concept? What is its relevance, you may ask? We can not emphasize strongly enough the importance of knowing that the subconscious always is impacting life throughout each and every period of existence. Being aware of this fact expands self-realization and raises the soul up the spiral of life.

You may ask how one will know whether information from the subconscious is surfacing into conscious awareness. The release is often accompanied by extreme mental and emotional agitation unrelated to the events at hand. Or if one is truly conscious, there can be an intuitive recognition that the current instance is part of a reoccurring negative pattern now needing to be addressed and resolved.

Individuals like Carl Jung have introduced into mainstream thought the concept of the subconscious mind. His was a great human service in identifying and defining how the subconscious functions and impacts every aspect of human behavior. Now there are those stepping forth with methods by which subconscious release and healing can occur simply and easily. These methods will become more widely known and recognized in the years ahead.

For now, our role is to reacquaint those of you who have forgotten or pushed aside the memory that you carry with you the accumulation of all that has happened to you. Honor these experiences when they happen without your initiating them. Pay attention to your inner process. Recognize negative issues, which appear to be repetitive, and resolve to address them and end the cyclic patterns reappearing in your life.

If you are able to do as we have asked, longstanding negative behavior will be cleared and healed at the subconscious level. The lessons learned will recede into the subconscious mind, transformed into wisdom gained through mastering the various elements of a soul’s journey on its return to its Creator. What can be more beautiful and worthwhile than that?