July 2006 -The Mental Power of Intent


We welcome you, our dear friends, as we meet again to consider the emerging of a New World for those who are living on Earth at this time. Is there any question now, as you observe the chaotic conditions on your planet, that powerful forces for change are breaking down long-held structures of society? One of the signs illustrating this condition is the state of flux existing in the lives of people throughout Earth. Are you not aware of many who are uncertain about their primary relationships, their jobs, where they live or what is the best course for their lives?

These are all signs of the shift your planet, in her divine wisdom, is making in order to move into a new paradigm where incarnating souls will function at a higher evolutionary level. One of the current laws on your planet is that any physical act, which brings a new form into existence, is generally accompanied by pain and struggle. In the distant future, this will not be so. Human beings will have evolved to the point where they will be able to manifest purely through the exercise of mental intent and will not need to originate what is created solely from the physical level.

Humanity is evolving to the time when all that comes forth will be done through a positive coalescing of vibratory energy using the power of will alone. The creative act will originate at the mental level through the focusing of intent. From this new foundation, creation will be filled with the joy of offering something of worth to humanity. There will be no pain or struggle. It will not be necessary to originate physical manifestation at that denser level in order to bring forth something of worth into the world.

Why do we speak of such seemingly esoteric ideas at a time when everywhere people are struggling just to get by? We do so because what we are saying here is of primary importance in helping you deal with the confusing and disrupting influences entering your daily existence. You are in the vanguard of the first wave of humanity, which will begin moving the creative act from the physical and emotional level to that of the mental plane. In so doing, a major step up the spiral of human evolution will have been accomplished.

How does one move the creative process onto the mental plane and why is it important now? Much change will be occurring in the coming years. Many of you will have to contend with conditions you cannot even imagine. Political strife and warfare is escalating throughout the globe. Severe climatic conditions are becoming the norm as Mother Earth struggles for balance and stability in the midst of the destructive events occurring on her surface. Even those not directly affected are impacted by the disharmony of the energy fields originating in certain locales, which then disperse throughout the planet.

The impact of these events produces a framework that is global in significance. For this reason, many feel powerless to change situations in their lives for the better. The magnitude of what is transpiring is so massive in scale, it seems impossible for individuals to affect circumstances in a positive way. It is for this very reason that the events of the present time present perfect conditions for a major evolutionary step forward. When incarnating souls are presented with insurmountable obstacles, the great strength of the human spirit surfaces and the expansion of human capabilities occurs. This is what is beginning to happen now.

It is becoming evident that a new way must be found to bring about peace and harmony. It is almost humanly impossible to personally affect what is happening in the world. Therefore, many throughout the planet are starting to explore directing positive mental intent towards the alleviation of warfare, political strife and severe climatic conditions. They are seeking out others with whom they can join to send thoughts of peace, harmony and balance towards areas impacted by negative events.

These groups are just beginning to form and function, but they will grow. And as they do so, positive transforming energy will go where it is most needed. This transference from physical action in order to produce a given result to manifesting that result through the power of mental intent constitutes a major evolutionary step forward for humanity. One concrete example of how this could work is two warring armies, who have been the recipients of projected mental intent for peace, agreeing to a cease fire because they have come to believe it is for the highest good instead of being monitored by a peacekeeping force to guarantee the cessation of hostilities. Just think of the significance of this increased human ability. What it means in practical terms is that you truly can create what you need in your life through intent. You do not have to always work physically through struggle and pain to bring it about.

We ask you all to reflect on what we have said here. You can create a new and better way of life. By envisioning and focusing upon what is the highest good for you and the world, you can start the process of bringing it into being. When there is something you want to create in your life, quiet yourself, go within through prayer and meditation and form an idea for what would be the highest good in the situation you are considering. Visually send it forth with the strength of intent and will. The more you do this, the more you will have tapped into the Law of Manifestation, the divine principle for all that is created in your universe.

Slowly and inexorably over time, a shift will occur on Earth from a world of strife and conflict to a planet where peace, unity and love are the prevailing modes of human expression. You can serve as a pioneer in beginning this effort. Start the process by forming mental intent for what you want to create in your lives. If it is for the highest good, it will come into being. You are blessed, dear children of Earth, with a mighty purpose. Each of you can contribute to the transformation of a planet and its people simply by putting your mind to it. Is that not an idea worthy of exploration?