January 2017 – Beginning a New Way of Life


We welcome you, our dear friends. We celebrate with you the beginning of a new year, and quite a year it will be. Incarnating souls on Earth have reached a pivotal turn on the road of spiritual development. A new way of life is slowly coming into existence – one that will manifest in far different ways than life currently does. A major shift in emphasis in regards to what the human experience is and how it unfolds is under way.

It is now time to enter higher dimensions of existence so that the human condition can expand in its ability to assist the process of spiritual growth. The life experiences of the third dimension have accomplished the goals for which they were created, and now new life experiences are ready to appear and take ascendancy in the affairs of human beings on Earth.

This is why an assault on values and beliefs is currently under way in all areas of life. It is important to recognize that the old world is dying and a more advanced one is slowly emerging so that incarnating souls can grow and learn within a new set of human experiences. The primary difference between the old and new is that human beings will be accessing higher dimensions of reality, which will expand them exponentially.

Twelve years ago we brought extensive information about the pathway to higher realms in our book The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home. The following provides insight regarding the way to access this more advanced vibratory state. “The pathway to higher realms or dimensions is very easily accessed. All dimensions exist within a fluid and interconnected state. They interpenetrate each other’s space in a direct and commingled way.”

“What differentiates one dimension from another is the speed with which the vibratory waves move within a given force field. The idea that spiritual realms exist far removed from each other is inaccurate. Reality is a diverse and interactive multidimensional field, which can be entered only by beings whose vibratory rate is within the given frequency of the particular dimension in that field.”

“As the technology of your scientific world develops, the accuracy of what we have just said will be discovered in measurable ways. This discovery is close at hand. It is now time for human beings to move out and away from Earth and explore the galaxy with its myriad of life forms. Human beings are also ready to move out of their current mode of third dimensionality and move upward into the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions of time, space and mental causation. However, there are certain basic steps that must be taken in preparation for such an inner journey.”

“The first step involves a personal acknowledgement and recognition that the universe is comprised of numerous levels of existence. Each one provides a correspondingly complex set of experiences, which helps the soul entity grow and develop on its way to reunion with The Creator of All That Is. As the individual soul participates in each dimension’s offerings, the vibratory rate accelerates until it reaches a point in velocity where an upward motion raises it up the spiral of life. As the spiral turns, the soul entity leaves its current dimension and moves into the next higher one.”

“Just as the soul is about to leave its current level, there is a recapitulation and review of all that has occurred there. When that has finished, the knowledge gained is incorporated at a molecular level and is retained as a deep soul knowing – always accessible whenever needed. Therefore, in order for one to enter a higher dimension, the soul has to believe wholly that upward motion is possible. Also, the soul needs to prepare itself in a variety of ways to effect this change in vibratory rate.”

“Only when the dense field of the human body becomes more irradiated with the light of spirit will the third eye of expanded seeing and knowing be activated. Once this opening occurs, the depth of life existing on the physical plane will spring into view. Also, the pathways into higher dimensions will be evident and will summon the viewer to an exploration of them.”

So it is that in the coming months we will be bringing information that will assist you in accessing higher dimensions if you so choose. It will require that you develop new pathways in the brain in order to recognize the change in reality you are experiencing. This is one reason why there is such emphasis now on diseases and injuries to the brain. Expansion in brain capacity and function will be one of the major human developments in the immediate future.

“Human beings now need to know clearly that the steps they are taking to raise their level of consciousness have greater ramifications then they ever thought possible. Join with the cosmic dance up the spiral of life. It will lift you above your present abilities into a realm far beyond what you ever thought possible.”