January 2016 – 2016 – A Year of Completion


We welcome you, our dear friends. We send our love and great regard to those of you who access our information through this source. There are a growing number of souls on the Earth plane who channel messages from the realm of spirit. This phenomenon has become anchored and more accepted in the past decade and has opened up a necessary avenue of communication from higher realms to those who are able to attune to a more subtle vibration.

We begin our eleventh year of communication through this receiver with great gratitude to those of you who have been following our monthly transmissions. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are pioneering an interactive participation that will become firmly established in the centuries ahead. The veil between different dimensions is thinning and becoming more permeable presenting multidimensional experiences to those who have the courage and fortitude to explore a new and different reality.

2015 was a year where we focused on the new reality that was being birthed on your planet and which was impacting humanity in a wide variety of ways. We told of a great expansion that was under way with you serving as forerunners of a major evolutionary step. Have you accepted your role as a bridge and way shower for those who are to come? Are you ready to embrace this new reality unfolding before your very eyes? Embracing it requires a participatory interactive commitment. Are you ready to make this commitment?

Each individual number in the year 2016 when added together totals the number 9. In sacred geometry, 9 is the number of completion indicating a major turning point in consciousness has been reached. Whenever the number 9 appears in the affairs of incarnating souls on Earth, it indicates that one major cycle of evolution is finished and a new turn of the spiral is about to begin. We ask that you remember what we have said here as you navigate through the profound experiences you will encounter during 2016.

We have spoken many times regarding the significance of cycles as you live through the spiritually meaningful events of your life on this three-dimensional planet. For nine years you have been on a journey of exploration and discovery, which was supposed to provide awareness that a totally new reality has been gradually unfolding for you. We ask that you remember the significance of this year in numerological terms and embrace the reality of completion as you proceed through the days and months ahead.

Since recapitulation and summary are important exercises in expanding human awareness, we ask that you set aside a quiet time to review the experiences and knowledge you have gained during the past nine years. What was your life like in 2008? What have been the major themes in your life during this period? Have you grown and changed during this nine year cycle? Have you been able to maintain a spiritual perspective during a time of world-wide tumultuous transition?

In the last year of this cycle, we are asking that you firmly embrace the new reality that is emerging all about you. At the end of 2016, we hope that you will be able to say that you are a totally different person than you were nine years ago and that your view of life has been irrevocably changed. The next nine-year cycle beginning in 2017 will be different than the one you are in the process of completing. It will contain life experiences that will stretch you and provide fertile ground for spiritual growth.

In the past nine years, the world has been racked with violence on a huge scale nationally and locally. The whole question regarding the value of human life and what type of world is needed to sustain a positive reality is becoming a major issue. Polarity and discord seem to be paramount in the affairs of humans, groups and nations. Dramatically destructive weather conditions and violent eruptions of Earth have become the norm in many locales. Financial instability is increasing each year as nations struggle with decline and insolvency.

What we have just described presents a dark and dire picture indeed. We ask, however, that you take a moment with us to view from a spiritual perspective the key issues in human life today. The political struggles between the Middle East and the Western World will at some time in the future bring a necessary conclusion to a longstanding issue of conflict that needs to be resolved. The painful relationship between these two groups needs to end in order for the human family to heal itself.

The wide variety and intensity of destructive weather conditions constitute a strong message from Earth’s spiritual being that she must be respected and nurtured, not exploited for personal gain. It is her way of emphasizing for those living on her surface that a new way must be taken which honors and protects her, not ravages or despoils her. These two examples illustrate that within each trying and negative situation there is a higher good, which is your challenge to discern.

We ask that you recognize the significance of the last year of this current cycle. We also ask that you embrace the new reality, which is emerging. We requested a year ago that whatever place in life you hold you bring peace and love to the human condition. Let your presence be a source of purification and healing. Commit yourself to being strong and steady physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Embrace the new reality and assist in its birth. You are loved and supported always by the realm of spirit.