January 2015 – Accepting the Role of Forerunner


We welcome you, our dear friends. Let us take a moment to reflect upon where we currently are in the transmission of information from the realm of spirit. This month begins the tenth year we have been in communication with you through the services of this receiver. Some of you have been with us from the very beginning and others have joined along the way for which we are most appreciative. We wish to thank our receiver and the other individual who has faithfully grounded these spiritual messages from the very beginning.

What do we mean by grounding? Every month for nine years a person in service to spirit has read aloud the transmission before it is sent out to a list of subscribers. Reading the transmission recalibrates the frequency bringing it into the vibratory field of the third dimension. This process has been faithfully followed for nine years increasing the intensity and effectiveness of each transmission.

Over the time in which we have been in contact with you, we have continually reiterated our desire to have you think of yourselves as individual units of spiritual essence on a journey of exploration and discovery ultimately ending in reunion with the Source that created you. During these years, we have presented a wide variety of spiritual concepts to help you along the way.

Those of you who have incorporated these concepts into the knowledge of who you really are have participated in a unique experience of expansion. You are forerunners of the new human species that is slowly coming onto the Earth plane to assist humanity in a major evolutionary step. You are a bridge and way shower for those who are to come. It is now time for you to acknowledge and accept this reality by incorporating it into all that you are and do. It is important for you to recognize that the nine years of preparation are completed.

You are ready to proceed firmly without a backward glance into a new reality. Dwelling on the past will no longer be helpful. It is now imperative that you be firmly anchored in the present with an openness and anticipation for what is to come. You may have noticed the concern about memory loss that has become widespread in recent years. The loss of awareness regarding the past is a necessary phenomenon for incarnating souls who are taking an evolutionary step into a more refined level of consciousness.

Do not be concerned if you are having trouble remembering the past. The slate is being wiped clean for you as you move up the spiral of life. Wonders abound and are waiting for you to experience them. Letting go of the past provides you with the space to direct your attention to the unfolding of an existence, which will manifest quite differently than what you currently are living. It is imperative that you realize that a new reality is beginning for you and embrace it totally.

We can guarantee that those of you still in incarnation ten years from now will be living a life totally different from what exists for you now. The forces of massive change are in the ascendancy and will be for some time to come. We urge you to set aside any fear our words may evoke in you. Change is one of the major constants in the theme of universal existence. Accept this truth and revel in it. It is the impetus for spiritual growth and development. Without it, life would deteriorate into stagnation and decline.

Those of you who read our transmissions and utilize them as a part of your spiritual practices are helping to open the door to the next higher level of existence, the fourth dimension. On this plane, time and space manifest in a totally different manner. There is no past, present or future. Everything coexists simultaneously in the Eternal Now. Space is relative and permeable allowing one to move by utilizing the force of projected will alone. On the fourth dimension, human beings will experience time and space differently than they do today.

Creativity will be enhanced through directed mind, and wonders will occur that cannot be believed at this time. We are giving you a brief glance into what is unfolding in your world to raise your awareness of what is to come. Human beings will be developing personal abilities unknown in the present day. This process has already started. We want to emphasize that you are far more powerful than you give yourselves credit for. We ask that you accept this fact and act accordingly.

A new reality is emerging, and we ask you to be in the vanguard of that movement. Whatever place in life you hold, bring peace and love to the human condition. Let your presence be a source of purification and healing. Commit yourself to being strong and steady physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Get in touch with the inner level of intent you had when you came to Earth and manifest it. Now is the time. Embrace the new reality and assist in its birth. You are loved and supported always by the realm of spirit.