January 2014 – Identifying Your Soul’s Purpose


We welcome you, our dear friends, as we begin this ninth year of monthly transmissions. Some of you have been with us from the very start of this process eight years ago, while others have joined at varying times along the way. We are a group soul residing on a plane beyond the third dimension. As we have said before, we have a twofold purpose. We bring light in the form of information to any part of the universe that is currently being activated by the Divine Plan of the Creator.

We also participate in personal expansion experiences in an ongoing way as part of a spiritual development program assigned by higher dimensional powers. This aspect of our service is extremely important since incarnating souls currently residing on Earth have been selected to assist in ushering in a new and higher form of human expression on your planet. Our task is to help you move up the spiral of life to reach a higher vibratory level. This and this alone is the primary purpose for our existence.

During the last eight years, we have covered many stages of personal spiritual development. They have all been preparatory in bringing you to the beginning of the year 2014. It would be very beneficial to review the transmissions of these past eight years on this website. Last month we told you that 2014 would be an intense and pivotal year and asked that you prepare yourself in every way that you could.

We said that the most significant preparation you could make would be to be centered and grounded on as many different levels of human functioning as possible. We asked that you discard what no longer serves you and develop all aspects of a new and better you. We hope that you have made progress in accomplishing what we requested because you will need every aspect of personal and spiritual strength to live in a state of high wellbeing during the tumultuous year of 2014.

We do not bring you this information to frighten you. On the contrary, you are now ready after years of spiritual growth and development to assume the role you agreed to before coming into incarnation. It is essential that you identify and embrace your soul’s purpose. If you lack clarity about your purpose, take the time now to go within and connect with the wisdom of your soul essence. Repeat this process until you gain certainty about why you are here and what you are meant to contribute.

The reason our request is so important is that 2014 is the year in which humanity will ascend onto the equal sided cross of spiritual transcendence. This cross is a most ancient symbol. It depicts the four primary forces that manifest physical existence throughout the universe. Whenever all four forces are elevated, great power is dispersed throughout many different levels of life.

The activation of these four primary powers is what will be happening on Earth throughout 2014 and beyond. On the physical level, your planet will continue to experience dislocation and destruction unleashed by climatic forces that are remolding the very Earth itself . Governmental and societal structures will be under assault, which will result in much needed formative change, and personal lives will be affected in a variety of ways.

People all over the planet will be assessing their lives and realizing that fundamental change must occur. They no longer want to live as they have for centuries, and they are stepping forward to work for that change. And finally, more and more people are beginning to realize that they are spiritual beings and are living from that place of core wisdom. All of this has come to a head now because of the activation of the cross with its four primary spiritual forces.

The extent of the energy release during this year will be more powerful than it has been in centuries. These vortexes of energy will help bring about destruction of the old and creation of the new in all walks of life. It is imperative that this destruction be embraced as a most positive prelude to a new creation that is beginning to emerge throughout the planet.

This process we have just described will be occurring not only at the planetary level but the personal level as well. Much of the old way of life that no longer serves you will be washed away in order to create the space for a new and better existence. In order to maintain your balance during these times, you must be grounded in your spiritual reality and use that wisdom to help you navigate the days ahead.

If you can reach a state of transcendence, you will find this year to be a blessed one indeed. Transcendence involves rising above that which you cannot change knowing that it is for your highest good. It requires emitting a spiritual vibration in all types of experiences whether they are positive or negative. Transcendence is one of the highest spiritual states that can be reached on Earth’s plane. If you are able to maintain it at all times no matter what is unfolding about you, you will know exactly how to handle the challenges of this great year.

The Lightbringers