January 2012 – The Deeper Significance of 2012


We welcome you, our dear friends, as we begin our contact with you at this most pivotal time on Earth’s plane. 2012 is an important year for those souls incarnating on your planet. Much has been written in books and displayed in movies concerning the significance of this year, but the true meaning of this twelve month period has rarely been revealed or brought forth for the people of Earth to consider.

There is an underlying truth connected to this year that relates to the evolution of the human race in a direct and compelling way. As we begin our seventh year of transmissions, we ask that you recognize the significance of the number seven. In almost every tradition, seven is the number that expresses all aspects of the spiritual realm. We initiated these transmissions in 2006, so that they would reach the seventh year in 2012.

For most people, 2012 has one of two meanings. Many fear that since the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, life on Earth will end in cataclysmic destruction. Others believe that the Mayans charted time by identifying a series of cycles that they called ages and that 2012 reflects merely an end to one of these cycles. Both of these views of 2012 hold some degree of truth and accuracy.

We want to assure the inhabitants of Earth that life on your planet will not end at this time. Some elements of that belief will hold true, however. Severe climatic conditions will continue during this year since the great spiritual being inhabiting Earth is in a state of extreme travail, as she goes through the many phases of raising her own spiritual vibration. The many natural disasters are a direct reflection of the intensity of the process she is going through.

The amount of political turmoil and unremitting warfare occurring all over the planet also are creating a turbulence that causes the extreme weather conditions, which have developed in recent years. A third contributing factor can be found in the fact that many cycles of varying length are all ending at the same time in 2012. The energy field existing at the end of any cycle always has a chaotic element to it, since its primary purpose is to break up what has gone before to prepare for the new cycle waiting to emerge.

Those who believe that 2012 marks the end of a cycle and that the following year will begin a new period of years with a different set of life experiences are also correct. What they may be missing is the profound significance at a deeper level the year 2012 has for all incarnating souls on your planet. If you were to add the numbers in this year together, they would add up to the number 5, which is the number of human expression on Earth. This means that 2012 has special significance for humanity.

Since 2012 is a year where many cycles of varying degrees are ending, it is also a time of special meaning for the people of Earth from a spiritual standpoint. One of the most important realizations for this year is the recognition that Earth is in the throes of dramatic and extensive completion at all levels. We ask that you enter into this final phase with awareness of what is happening and contribute in a positive way to the major process that is unfolding in your world.

In your meditations, attune to the energy that surrounds completion. Look at your lives. Are there issues in your lives or areas that need to be resolved once and for all? Are you ready to bring an end to situations that need completion and focus on the fact that a new beginning is just around the corner? Can you look with a detached eye at the turmoil roiling around you and know that it is for a positive purpose?

2012, however, holds a deeper significance that is rarely addressed at this time. It is true that it is a year of tumultuous energies, which are bringing forth a new cycle of human expression, but underlying these two characteristics of 2012 is the major spiritual theme that will emerge this year. The predominant energy accompanying this completion is that of emergence. Emergence often means coming out of a dark, confined or hidden place, or surviving a difficult situation or incident. This is an accurate description of the many life cycles that are ending on Earth.

As Earth completes these cycles of differing length, its inhabitants are beginning to move into a new and totally different set of human experiences. The doors of a long and extensive past are closing. A new door is opening offering a higher more evolved existence for the people of Earth. You are all beginning to emerge from a period of thousands of years that generally has been dark and difficult.

A new day is dawning that will be more uplifting and will provide the possibility for spiritual growth far beyond what currently exists. We ask that you develop an attitude of expectancy and hope, recognizing that you are blessed to live at this momentous time of completion and emergence. Use your meditative practice to attune to the spiritual energy that surrounds completion and emergence. Look at your life and identify what is ending for you and what is coming forth at a higher level of expression. Use these energies to enrich your life at all levels. You deserve it!

The Lightbringers