January 2011-The Spiritual Purpose of Turbulence


We welcome you, our dear friends. It is with great love and respect we come to you at the beginning of a most pivotal time for humanity on Earth’s plane. All those incarnating on your planet are moving into the second year of a triad, which began in 2010 and will end next year in 2012. This triad will provide you with the microcosm of Earth’s life pattern for the twenty-first century.

It is very important that you increase awareness of yourself and your world, so that you can embrace the great step forward Earth is taking at the present time. This evolutionary advance is being accelerated by the position of your solar system within its galaxy. Your planet has moved into alignment with your galaxy’s center and is being influenced by waves of potent photonic power.

In order to wend your way through the turbulent times ahead, you must see yourself in a new and expanded capacity. You are living within a galactic force field that is continually impacting you on an energetic basis as you go about your daily life on Earth’s third dimension. Powerful spiritual vibrations are increasing in geometric proportions during each year of this triad.

It is imperative that you recognize how these heightened energies are affecting you at every level of your being. Just look at the events unfolding in your world. The word that will best describe life on all levels during 2011, whether personal, national or international, is turbulence. Let us consider this term in depth so that you can have a deeper understanding of what will be transpiring in the twelve months ahead.

Turbulence is a state where agitation, unrest, disturbance even violence exist. Turbulence will be the norm for 2011. Every year at the outset, an event, recognized or unrecognized, occurs that establishes the theme for the twelve-month period. It is a worthwhile exercise in increased perception to identify this event, which may occur at the personal, national or international level.

At the outset of 2011 in the United States, a simmering unrest and anxiety nationally provided the backdrop for an event of unspeakable violence, which occurred in the state of Arizona just a few days ago. This tragic event with all of its ramifications, both positive and negative, has set the tone for the entire year.

Now is the time when a spiritual perspective is most needed, so that the energies existing within circumstances can be used for maximum effectiveness. Wherever turbulence exists, disturbances occur, which shake equanimity and destroy balance. When this happens, you are dealing with a situation that disrupts peace and harmony, states desired by all. Therefore it is essential that you recognize and understand its deeper significance, so that you can guide your way through difficult and trying times with strength and courage.

First, let us look at the spiritual purpose of turbulence. Turbulence is a positive energy field that is needed when crystallization of any kind has been in effect for too long. It is akin to a fierce wind that blows through a region to clean and clear atmospheric stagnation. Most people view turbulence as negative and feel anxiety and fear when they are exposed to it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Turbulence is the breath of God inserted into a situation, so that souls can extricate themselves from established negative behavior patterns. The force effecting change needs to be strong and disruptive, in order for this change to occur. Let us look at the recent events in Arizona to see what constructive aspects this tragedy has produced.

Attitudes and behavior in the United States are beginning to shift given the negative force of what has happened there. Increased attention and discussion are being focused on issues that have long needed scrutiny. People are calling for an improved tone in political discourse, a closer look at the needs of the mentally ill, and an in-depth consideration about the use of guns in American society.

None of these issues would have been considered if the violence in Arizona had not occurred. There can be no better example of the positive spiritual influence of turbulence. These events have also been instrumental in creating the theme for 2011. This year will be typified by agitation and disturbance in many different areas of life. When these conditions surface, they will be exactly what incarnating souls need to move up the spiral of life.

In 2011, turbulence of all kinds will dissipate long-established patterns of behavior, so that 2012 can provide the springboard for a new and better world. Reflect upon and accept the positive aspects of turbulence and use it for greatest personal advantage. In the coming months, we will explore with you the different ways turbulence can bring you maximum spiritual benefit. We ask you to lift your spirits and know that everything, which is happening, is for the highest good.