January 2010 – Developing Involved Detachment


We welcome you, our dear friends. We have been walking along with many of you for four years. We now begin our fifth year of transmissions from the realm of spirit. It has been a meaningful time for those of us who have been in contact with you. We have been forming a bond between different dimensions, a most important endeavor indeed.

We bring information that is transformative at a basic level and assists human beings in becoming more soul-infused. As we establish links with those incarnating on Earth, the constraints of the third dimension begin to diminish. People are experiencing an expansion, which helps them to grow in an awareness of their true spiritual nature.

So it is that we begin a fifth and most important year in our contacts with you. Numbers have a more profound significance at an energetic level than most people are aware of. Five is the number of Earth’s humanity and carries with it a vibration of movement and change, which resonates at the deepest level for everyone living on the planet.

All incarnating souls on your plane are being impulsed with ever stronger rays emitted from the center of your galaxy. These rays will contribute to the significant period of three years that is beginning in 2010 and will end in December 2012. This triad of years will form a cornerstone for the remainder of the century and will result in a shift of major proportions for many people.

Great change will occur in every area of life during these three years. The following will be the most prominent: governmental discord and upheaval, increasing climatic change and extreme weather conditions, populations rising up and expressing their desires in active political terms, migrations of people all over the globe to more auspicious locales, and an increasing awareness in the powers and capabilities of the human body.

Tremendous changes will occur in every area we have named above. 2010, 2011, and 2012 will be a seed time for the entire century. The activities of human beings during this period will form a blueprint for the current hundred-year cycle. It is very important that you possess this broadened perspective of your world and function at the highest level of well being during this time.

You are now faced with a significant choice. You can react to the events occurring in your life or you can ride the wave of change with trust and confidence that all is unfolding for the highest good. If you choose to maintain the status quo and form a reactive stance to the events presenting themselves to you, the years ahead will be difficult.

If, however, you see yourself within a boarder spiritual context and recognize that you are living in a time of massive creative change, you can steer your ship with a steady hand actively choosing what is best for you, while many in your world succumb to pressures they cannot prevail against. By attuning always to your inner spiritual wisdom, the best course in every situation will become evident.

Each of the next three years has a specific purpose or theme. 2010 will primarily be a time of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual preparation for humanity. Only the strong will be able to move through this period in a state of high well being, therefore thorough preparation is essential.

We do not say these worlds to frighten you. You are adults and have come of age. It is now time to stand up, raise your heads and look closely and clearly at the evolutionary process occurring on Earth. Think in comparison about the final stage of the human birth process. It is intense and painful, but the end result is the emergence of a new child arriving to create and play in Earth’s powerful force field.

Consider these times as the final stages in the birth of a new world, one that will provide different experiences for those who come in the future. In order for this new world to emerge, that which is no longer useful must be swept away so a new more highly advanced human expression can enter and flourish.

Many souls asked to live during these times because of the spiritual advancement available for those who served. Only the strongest and most able were chosen. Each of you was selected for the qualities you possess. You are souls of power and strength and are meant to contribute in a positive way to this birthing process.

In order to accomplish this task, you must develop a sense of involved detachment. We ask that you enter every situation in your life with acute awareness of what is transpiring at a human level, but with a sense of detachment akin to an observer on a river bank watching the boats passing by. If you can live in this state, you will be able to participate in but not be affected adversely by the changes that are coming.

Trust is a vital part of this type of detachment and must always be a basic component of it. Learn to trust that a higher purpose exists in every situation, no matter how the outer circumstances may appear. In the coming months, we will explore with you different aspects of preparation that will aid you during the years ahead. Those who are prepared and are functioning within a higher spiritual context will be the ones who will make the greatest contribution to the birthing of this new world.