January 2009 – A Pivotal Change Begins


We welcome you, our dear friends. The beginning of a twelve month cycle is a important time in the affairs of humans on the Earth plane. New forms of energy are released at the outset of another period. Different stimuli are required, in order that the creative process can be seeded with new vibrations contributing to soul growth. Our transmissions this year will speak directly about these stimuli and how they will impact the human race.

Let us consider for a moment, the series of transmissions we have sent you over the past three years. We explored the consolidation of power, the beginning of the great shift, and the Earth-Spirit connection. Throughout these many months, we presented information encoded within an evermore refined vibratory field, which raised your level of consciousness in subtle and unseen ways.

We ask that you quiet yourself, go within and access your soul knowing about where you were in your spiritual journey when you began to read these transmissions. Come forward to the present day and assess your current state of consciousness. Do you feel that you have progressed up the spiral of life during this period? Has our information contributed to your progress? If you can answer yes to these questions, then our purpose has been fulfilled.

These past three years have been foundational in every way, preparing you for the advance in awareness we are about to take together. Each year since 2000, Earth has received an energetic impulse from the center of its galaxy. This impulse has increased in magnitude every twelve months and has been a primary contributor to the spiritual progress of human beings on your planet.

The reason for this increase can be found in the path your solar system takes as it undulates within a spiral arm of your galaxy. Every twelve thousand years, powerful galactic forces impact Earth as it comes into alignment with the center of the galaxy. The time is here again, and this process begins anew.

The ever-widening pursuit of history is showing that major changes occurred on Earth about twelve thousand years ago. These changes affected the formation of continents, climatic conditions and the evolution of the human race, causing the demise of some civilizations and the appearance of new cultures in key locales around the globe.

Another pivotal change is beginning. The experiences and lessons of the earlier period have been completed. It is now time for the inhabitants of Earth to enter a different area of human growth. This past cycle centered on the issues of personal responsibility, the anchoring of spirit within a dense level of matter, and the development of love and respect for all, including the planet herself.

Another shift in consciousness began with the dawning of this new millennium. The lessons coming forth for mastery will be the reclaiming of higher powers long dormant in human beings, the increase of love and cooperation on Earth replacing conflict and strife, and the exploration of inner and outer space, which will result in a more universal view of life.

In order for these new experiences to emerge, many old values and ways of life will need to end, so that a fresh, more advanced perspective can guide the course of human affairs. It is essential that people become more open, flexible and allowing, as they pursue interactions with each other. Respect for all life needs to be a guiding principle governing every interaction, no matter how large or small.

In order to achieve these goals, we ask that you draw upon your inner wisdom and face with courage the many challenges and tests that confront you. You are meant to develop a powerful inner center, which will allow you to master life’s ongoing trials and tests. Imprint in your mind a picture of yourself surfing the crest of a beautiful, glistening wave as you move into the future. This image will help sustain you in the months and years ahead.

All souls presently incarnating on your planet have asked to live within the density of the third dimension. The properties of your physical world accelerate spiritual advancement. Life should be viewed with gratitude, since living on Earth provides a great opportunity for personal growth on all levels. We ask those of you who wish to be free of the limitations of your life on Earth, to reflect upon what we have just said.

Every stressful or painful situation you face is providing the stimulus you need to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. Embrace the challenges you face and persevere as you work through them. They are supplying the corrosive action needed to transform you into a pearl of great price. Humanity is about to embark on an exciting journey down a different road. Get ready to take the first step, and make it a good one!