January 2008 –The Start of a New Nine Year Cycle


We welcome you, our dear friends. We are here with you to celebrate the beginning of one more nine year cycle on your planet. At the start of any new cycle in the affairs of humans, there is an influx of energy that floods the Earth with a vibratory message of great power. To initiate any thing requires an intense effort no matter on what level of life it is occurring. When the emerging cycle involves the entire Earth, the impact of the change is profound.

The inhabitants of your planet find themselves at this point again. A new nine year cycle is under way for all souls incarnating on the Earth plane. We shall call this cycle “The Time of Earth-Spirit Connection”. During the next nine years, your planet will be irradiated with a spiritual power, which will infiltrate every nook and cranny of the globe. This influx of energy will bring the seeds of transformation into all walks of life and to every human being living on Earth.

Those that are conscious of their continuous link with spirit will be aware of the transformation that is enveloping them on all levels. Those that are not yet awakened will know that their world is changing before their very eyes but will not comprehend that a vast source of spiritual power is responsible for this change.

The 1980s marked the beginning of preparation for the coming Time of Earth-Spirit Connection. All events whether personal, regional, national or international initiated at this time were part of a vast effort to prepare Earth and its inhabitants for the monumental shift in consciousness that would start in the period from 2008 through the end of 2016. Every event, no matter how insignificant, during the 1980s carried the seeds of this evolutionary change.

Think back to the 1980s. What kind of person were you then and what was your life like at that time? Have you changed in the past twenty-five years and if so, how? It is no accident that incarnating souls on the Earth plane have gone through intense transformative experiences that have contributed greatly to their soul growth during this time; even though they may not have realized what was happening to them at a deeper level.

That is why we bring this information to you now; so that you can start to broaden your view of whom you truly are and what is transpiring in your world. You are a child of God on a long journey of exploration throughout many diverse realms of existence. You are meant to grow in love and beauty until you reunite with the Source from which you came, which continually supplies you with ongoing love and support.

Because of this connection, you have an abundance of power that can uplift you and your world if used in a positive and constructive way. It is now time to own that power and avail yourself of it in every area of your life. By manifesting this inner knowing, the planet and its inhabitants will usher in a new and brighter day for Mother Earth.

The strongest energy is found in the first year of any cycle. All the potential that the cycle will manifest is contained in its purest form at this time. If one observes closely what transpires in this year, it will be possible to see the theme of the Earth-Spirit Connection being put in place. A very important element that is needed for any cycle is the recognition of what that cycle will hold for those living on the planet.

Therefore, we shall give you a brief glimpse of what is in store for Earth and her inhabitants. Any birth process is accompanied by a certain amount of pain and suffering in order to give life to an unborn child. Thus it will be that the souls currently in incarnation will be exposed to and experience trials and tribulations of different kinds. This will be true for all forms of life including the planet herself.

But all that will unfold will be for a most positive purpose. A good analogy is that of a beautiful boat whose hull is encrusted with barnacles and other forms of crystallized marine life. The owner of the boat makes the decision to embark upon the task of cleaning and restoration. A deep scraping will be needed to remove the accumulated debris and return the boat to its original state. Think of yourself as that owner who is working diligently to bring back the beauty that was yours.

This picture describes clearly what will be occurring on Earth and in the lives of those living during this nine year cycle. A deep scraping has to occur in order that the link with the realm of spirit can flourish again and enrich life on all levels. Much of the Old World needs to fall away, so that a New World can lift incarnating souls up the spiral of life.

At the core of this experience will be the awareness that we are all sparks of the Creator and contain the power of that Source to transform ourselves and our world. We ask that you respond to the challenges that lie ahead with courage and a forthright heart. You are pioneering a vast evolutionary step forward for the human race. The next nine years are only the start, but what an important start it is!