January 2007 – The Point of Return Has Been Reached


We welcome you, our dear friends, as we begin together a new and most momentous year. 2007 will long be recognized in the future as the time when humanity on the Earth plane made a shift in consciousness, which impacted the entire universe with its power and force. For many years, energy has been gathering and coalescing as it moved toward the pivotal point when human awareness would shift onto a new plane – one for which many had been preparing for eons.

There has been a plan for your planet from the time of its inception. Earth was designated as an important laboratory for soul growth. Its three dimensional density provides a perfect climate for an acceleration in consciousness. The experiences one has here are concrete and powerful and provide an impetus for rising up the spiral of life in a rapid fashion. It is important to understand and grasp that the three dimensional gravitational pull of Earth provides a fertile field for the spiritualizing of matter.

At the origin of your universe, it was determined by the Divine Creator that the underlying theme for all life would involve the descent from the highest plane of spiritual existence down to the simplest unit of matter. When this point was reached, the return would then begin ever upward to final reunion with the God Force. Every act committed in any corner of your universe has as its underlying premise the initial purpose established at the outset of creation.

This divine theme has provided the impelling force generating all life. It is for this reason that Earth plays such a significant role in the evolution of consciousness. Three dimensional realities carry with them a powerful imprint supplying the soul with an indelible awareness of God’s Divine Plan.

For this reason, each thought or action by those living on Earth contains the original purpose of creation – to bring spiritual awareness to every aspect of life so that final union with the Source can occur when this task is completed. At the outset of creation, molecules of light were projected out from the center of your universe. They brought into being many diverse life forms, which have peopled every area of your universe.

Why do we speak now of such esoteric and abstract concepts, you may ask? We do so that you can start to think of yourselves in a more expanded way. Each of you were one of those original points of light sent into the universe to experience, grow and then return to the Source from which you came. For many eons, you have been toiling in the fields of matter not knowing the basic purpose of your existence.

It is now time to own and honor the reason for which you were created. This awareness is growing all over your planet as people lift their heads, open their eyes and begin to see their lives in a new and more expanded way. The desire for peace, cooperation and respect for others is growing day by day. Many are beginning to recognize their personal responsibility in creating a better world. They are realizing that they have a role to play in bringing this reality about.

The past year 2006 with its consolidation of power in all areas of life provided the launching pad for this current momentous year. The focusing of intent to bring about the highest good provided the energy needed to begin the long awaited shift in consciousness. The point of greatest separation from the God Force has been reached. There is no need to descend deeper into unawareness of one’s true nature.

It is now time to begin the return to the Creator of All That Is. The shift in universal energy that will bring this about is starting in the year 2007. Quiet yourselves and attune to this monumental change in direction. Can you feel the old ways of living at all levels losing their force and power? Can you sense a new wave beginning to emerge, which carries with it a desire to create a better, more highly evolved, way of life?

We know that this reality may be difficult to see with all the strife and conflict existing throughout Earth. But look carefully. Recognize and celebrate every act of peaceful cooperation as it surfaces. Know that any evidence of respect and love wherever it appears mirrors the shift in spiritual consciousness that has begun in earnest in 2007. Dedicate yourselves to being bringers of light and love in any way you can. By so doing, you will be participating in the great turning point of the Universal Plan. Are you not fortunate to be alive and part of such a significant event?