January 2006 – The Shift Begins


The year 2006 will unfold as a time for consolidation of power – power for good or power for great harm. It will serve as one of the last years before the initiation of a new cycle in the history of humanity on your planet. Next year, 2007, will accelerate the process of clearing away the refuse of many centuries. The intensity of this cleansing process will be powerful indeed and will be remembered as most pivotal during this Great Purification, a term long used in the prophetic tradition of indigenous peoples throughout the planet.

The inhabitants of Earth are moving through the latter portion of a great cycle of time. The end of a cycle breaks down all that has been part of a particular manifestation in order for a new cycle to begin. On your planet, warfare, natural disasters, death and destruction have been the time-honored means of destroying what has been in existence, so that a new and different way of life can emerge.

The entire twentieth century and the first five years of the twenty-first century have been typified by chaos wrought by war and natural disasters. Because of these events, many people have died from violent causes, countries’ boundaries have changed and dislocation of life has occurred all over the Earth. These events have been a necessary prelude to the death of the Old World. The aftermath of this process will continue for some time and will begin a wholly different cycle of life on your planet.

We want to emphasize that a new day is dawning. The old cycle is ending. A time for humanity to take a step up the spiral of life is here. Our question for you is what kind of a world do you want to create? Do you want to continue the hurtful course that has been in existence on Earth for eons of time? Or do you want a better world – one based on love, respect and tolerance?

The predominant spiritual energy for the year 2006 will support all efforts dedicated to finding a more positive way to live and will enhance the efforts of those who wish to do so. Since the year 2006 will be one for consolidating power, you, as incarnating souls on the earth plane, will need to decide what kind of power you want to motivate life on your planet.

Do you want power that is obtained through force, domination and control? Or will you stand firmly and support only those measures that will bring cooperation and unity between peoples and nations? You will be facing many examples of misuse of power during this year, both in your personal lives and in that which unfolds in the economic and political events within your countries.

Every individual bears the responsibility for assuming a positive role within his or her sphere of influence. The birth of a new and better world has to begin in the hearts and minds of those living on the Earth. One must never support any statement or action that brings harm to another. Monumental change begins with small, incremental steps taken by people on every continent of the planet. So we say again, the year 2006 will be a year of consolidation of power. Will it be the power of tyranny or the power exercised by people of good will?