February 2016 – The Healing Power of Pain


We welcome you, our dear friends. A beautiful time of spiritual growth is unfolding for those of you who are currently living on Earth. The ability to create anew is powerfully emerging in all areas of life. In order for this to happen, old ways of living and seeing life must be discarded and put aside. Developing this capability produces the most angst for incarnating souls on your three-dimensional planet. One of life’s most difficult experiences is letting go of what has been a long held part of existence.

Incarnating souls come to your planet to develop strength and perseverance in the face of extensive obstacles. In order to achieve this spiritual ability, human beings are sorely tested in one or many areas of life. While developing perseverance, they must learn to embrace its polar opposite, which is letting go. Since all life on Earth unfolds within a plane of duality, whatever occurs must also be recognized as containing the essence of its opposite.

To remain steady and unwavering in the face of trying circumstances is a highly developed spiritual capability. It is equally important, however, to completely let go of any life situation when a very different approach is needed. How does one know when it is necessary to let go in a given situation? The answer is so simple. Human beings possess a built-in feedback mechanism that alerts a person to the necessity of releasing an established pattern in life. It is called pain.

When one is pursuing a course that is counter to the best interests of the individual, pain will be experienced in some area of the body. This pain is a signal that the person is out of balance and must correct the behavior pattern that has initiated the feedback. The current view of pain is that it must be suppressed at all costs, which has resulted in a vast array of medicines directed at totally removing pain. The irony is that these medicines circumvent and prevent the individual from receiving very necessary information regarding his or her health.

What we are asking here is that you develop a totally new approach to viewing pain. Pain is the body’s way of sending important information regarding life patterns an individual has embarked upon. Its purpose is to gain a person’s attention regarding a life issue that must be addressed. So it is that pain in one way is a true friend who is trying to communicate what is crucial to a person’s well-being. To stifle or cut off that source of information can be detrimental and counterproductive to healing.

There are those whose pain is so intense that medication is necessary. All we ask of them is to view pain in a different way if that is possible. If they can do this, important insights may be gained that will assist them on many different levels. For those who are able to view pain as a messenger of vital information, we would like to suggest the following approach. Once a pain surfaces in some area of the body, take the time to go within and connect directly with the pain, a process that will be easier if an established practice of meditation is in place.

Ask for any information that will be of assistance in addressing the pain that is being experienced. Very often key insights can be gained from this simple process if the person is willing to view the purpose of the pain in a new way. Seeing the pain as a friendly messenger has the potential of shifting the situation onto a level of different outcomes. The area of the body where the pain resides often points to the function that is out of balance and needs attention. For each individual, this process will manifest in a way specific only to that person.

We know what we are asking is counter to the prevailing way of thinking regarding pain. We only ask that you trust enough to pursue what we have suggested here and assess the results from your own perspective. Very often when the cause of the pain becomes known and life style changes occur the pain disappears. If the pain has existed for an extensive period of time, the process may be longer in duration. Any new and expanded view of the purpose of pain may produce insights that are beneficial.

There are emotional, mental and spiritual causes for pain that go beyond the physical. States of grief, suffering and despair also cause mental and emotional pain, which manifest differently but are just as debilitating. Going within and opening up to beneficial information can help to alleviate the situation. It is for this reason we have emphasized continually the importance of establishing the practice of meditation since in meditation one goes within and quietly attunes to the inner wisdom of the soul.

This wisdom can provide information that will be beneficial on different levels. In many cases, the individual can let go of the need for pain to point to changes in behavior that are required. Pain has done its job and is no longer necessary. We know what we are presenting here may be quite different from the way in which you have viewed pain. We only ask that you sit with this information and reflect upon it for a while.

The next time pain surfaces on a physical, emotional or mental level quiet yourself and go within. Face the pain and indicate your readiness to receive any information that the pain has to give you. Once you have done this, pursue what has been revealed to you. Let go of any patterns of behavior that have contributed to the pain you are experiencing. Those of you who are able to use this different way of viewing pain will be developing a higher spiritual approach, which will sustain you in every area of life.