February 2014 – Raising Earth’s Vibratory Field


We welcome you, our dear friends. We feel honored and privileged to be communicating with you at this momentous time in the spiritual growth and development of your planet. At key intervals down through the eons, we have actively participated in the evolutionary growth of Earth. Our role has always been one of bringing information, which raises the vibratory level of those currently living on your third dimensional plane.

This information has taken a wide variety of forms. Often it has come through the verbal teaching of elevated souls who have incarnated with the express purpose of assisting humanity rise up the spiral of life. Many times we have influenced spiritual writings and have helped raise the vibratory levels of sacred sites around the planet. Our primary focus now is to reach as many individuals as possible since humanity as a whole is ready to make a major step forward in its spiritual growth.

No longer are a few chosen ones to have the responsibility of spiritual advancement for Earth’s incarnating souls. The time has arrived when many are meant to assume this responsibility, which previously was performed by a small number of initiated individuals. As more people around the planet open themselves to the realms of spirit, the vibratory level of Earth will rise and expand. At a certain point, the planet will experience a shift of major proportions brought about by these more refined energies.

You may ask why this highly esoteric information has any significance for you individually. We cannot emphasize strongly enough how important this information is for you personally. Many individuals currently living on Earth made a commitment before incarnating to assist in raising the planet’s vibratory field. As more people become aware of this spiritual commitment, life on many different levels will shift to a higher expression.

How is the vibratory field of Earth raised to a higher level? Whenever a hurtful thought word or action is converted to one of peace and good will, the vibratory field surrounding the event is elevated and transformed. Wherever groups of people gather and commit themselves to a higher purpose and change the existing condition to one more beneficial for all, higher spiritual energies are released into the surrounding atmosphere.

When intent to do harm is converted into a commitment to do good, positive waves of energy radiate out into the surrounding field. Powerful transformation can occur with a simple shifting of intent. This is the reason we have emphasized down through the years the importance of knowing that all life exists within fields of vibratory energy, because these fields can modify and change according to the stimulus applied to them.

One of the great evolutionary developments of the future will be people’s ability to use vibratory energy fields to create the reality they desire. The first step in developing this capability is acknowledging their existence and learning to attune to them in a regular and ongoing way. How does one do this? It requires altering one’s own vibratory rate to a receptive level and then mentally and emotionally registering what one is receiving.

There are simple steps that can help you accomplish this. First, form a mental intent to attune to the energy field around you. Quiet yourself, even if others are nearby, and deepen your breathing. Soften the gaze of your eyes slightly and let the information regarding the field come into your conscious knowing. Once you have accomplished these steps, you will be ready for the next all-important phase, that of impacting the vibratory field to create your own reality.

For example, if you are able to identify the fact that you are currently in a chaotic energy field, you can emit positive energy by projecting a peaceful, calming intent into the surrounding field. It is essential that you maintain the energy you intend. You also can participate in any outward way that seems appropriate. In most situations, there will be a shift of a more positive nature.

If you are able to perform what we have described above on a regular basis, you will be functioning on a higher spiritual level and assisting in the transformation of the planet. Earth is in the process of converting from three-dimensional existence to that of the fourth dimension. In order for that to happen, her inhabitants need to elevate their vibratory energy fields.

The destructive elements of strife, conflict and war must cease and be replaced by peaceful interactions that are typified by a caring and loving spirit for all. These changes cannot be successful if they are superficial in nature. In order for this transformation to happen, the changes needed must occur at the levels of body, mind and spirit.

This is why it is necessary to know that you possess a physical body impulsed by a soul that is able to be constantly attuned to all elements of its environment and ultimately to the Creative Source from which it came. Once you attain that awareness, you will have established a basic spiritual foundation that will support and uphold you in all that you do and are. You then can join with your fellow souls on Earth who are contributing to the emergence of a new and better world.

The Lightbringers