February 2013 – Power, Control and Authority


We welcome you, our dear friends. You are living in truly momentous times. All life on your planet is caught up in a swirling vortex of cyclical energy that spins and moves with ever increasing intensity. Many of you may not be aware of this reality, but it does exist and is impacting you in very subtle ways.

There are certain means by which you can increase this awareness and bring it into conscious recognition. The first step is to look at what is happening in your lives from the standpoint of time. Does it seem to you that time is accelerating at a faster rate? Do people, situations and circumstances cycle through your lives with a velocity not experienced by you before?

And then, unexplainably, are there periods when time almost appears to stop and you seem surrounded by a cocoon-like silence? Some of you may feel that hours go by, and you are unaware of how they were spent. In summary, time seems to oscillate and move in varying ways, unknown to you before. Some of you have experienced what we have just described, while for others time-related events are just beginning.

First and foremost, we want to assure that you are not to be concerned by this phenomenon. Everything is in divine order and proceeding positively. There is a specific reason why your perception of time may be shifting. The linear and fixed concept of time within a three-dimensional matrix is changing, as more people on Earth are starting to raise their level of consciousness beyond that of the third dimension.

One of the first signs that you are moving into a fourth-dimensional reality will be that time as you have always known it will shift and change. Time and space are the primary components of the fourth dimension. In the fourth dimension, there is no past, present and future. Everything exists within the matrix of the Eternal Now where all thoughts and actions are occurring simultaneously at many different levels of existence.

One of the signs that your perception of time is changing will be that it is moving much faster than in previous years. And that is exactly what is happening. It is as if time is racing forward, while simultaneously it is folding back upon itself, bringing to the surface issues and circumstances that you thought had been dealt with successfully and were no longer a part of your life. If this dynamic is happening to you, it is because there is still work to be done in certain areas for total clearing.

We would like to repeat information we offered in the book, The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home. “This modification in time gives the inhabitants of your planet an opportunity to review any longstanding issues needing resolution. For humanity to take a great step forward on its spiritual journey, it must resolve anything that might be an impediment to soul growth. Therefore, time on the one hand appears to be accelerating while it also seems to be retrograding back to earlier events, which have not been reconciled or healed”.

There are three primary dynamics that need to be elevated to a higher level by the people of Earth. For many eons, issues around power, control and authority have held full sway. Incarnating souls have lived many lives where they have been impacted by power, control and authority at a basic, human level. The knowledge gained from experiencing them is ready to reside in conscious awareness, ending the necessity for being affected by them.

Do you have a sense of your own personal power? Are you able to feel centered and balanced most of the time in power-based situations? Is there anything occurring in your life that impedes that ability? Are you able to recognize the misuse of power in others or the world about you? These are issues that need to be mastered as you move forward in your life.

Control is an important element in human life. Self-control is highly desirable; while control of others is not. Most human interactions contain the dynamic of control in some form or another. Humanity is ready to set aside self-serving personal control and elevate it to the higher spiritual level of beneficial influence. When the negative aspect of control is eliminated, incarnating souls on Earth will have taken a major step forward.

Human beings have struggled for centuries with the question of what is legitimate authority and what responsibility do they have to it. What generally has been lacking is recognition of the personal authority inherent in every individual, which has to be honored before it is given to anyone or anything else. When this mastery is reached, there is no need to be dependent upon others. You will live with the spiritual perspective of what constitutes true authority.

All incarnating souls on Earth are participating in a great step forward. It will require many years to accomplish this goal. We ask you, our friends, to recognize that you are spiritual pioneers in this effort. This evolutionary process has started. You are meant to be forerunners of a new type of human, one who can access higher dimensions at will for soul growth. Accept this role with the power and grace that is yours and move forward.

The Lightbringers