FEBRUARY 2012 – maintaining a state of inner equanimity


We welcome you, our dear friends. The people of Earth are moving ever more deeply into this momentous year of 2012. As we said in last month’s transmission, this year has great significance for all souls incarnating on your planet. Numerically, this year has the vibration of the number 5, which brings change and impacts every person on the planet. The number 5 provides a spiritual vibration that has a direct effect on any individual existing within its energy field.

One of the primary messages we bring speaks of the profound significance that occurs when one recognizes energy fields. To know that you have a physical body made up of vibratory waves of quanta that oscillate and move through ever larger energy fields is the first step into multidimensional consciousness. Becoming aware of the continuous ebb and flow of the energy you encounter all around you is one of the most important abilities humans must regain.

All those living at the dawn of human habitation on your planet possessed this capability. It is now time for you to become aware again of the true nature of both your bodies and the world in which you live. You are far greater than you know. You have journeyed through the eons of time experiencing the many wonders of God’s creation. You have learned much and have more to master.

Once you are able to see yourselves in a spiritual context and can operate out of a centered, elevated state within the third dimension’s powerful vibration, you will have mastered the lessons you were meant to learn on planet Earth. What is this mastery we talk of, you may ask? We mean that you have spent many eons on Earth learning through experiences that challenged you to rise to a higher level of being.

Your beautiful blue-green planet is comprised primarily of earth and water, elements that correlate directly to the physical and emotional areas of life. The great tests that Earth provides have been in these two areas. Your lessons involving the physical have many times been painful but necessary in order for you to refine the molecular capacity of your physical existence. You are here to master the act of physical creation through the evolutionary development of a constantly improving physical body.

Look about you. Do you not see examples of physical bodies that are larger, stronger and more vibrant? They are harbingers of the human beings who will be incarnating on Earth in the not so distant future? The spiritual blueprint for your planet is one of continuous evolutionary progress occurring within cycles of creation, high achievement, dissolution and completion. This path of spiritual growth continues through cycles that repeat themselves but always at a higher level than the previous one.

The spiral is the symbol that best reflects this phenomenon. This is why all over your world in remote places you will find spirals etched in rock and stone. At a basic energetic level, a vibration exists on Earth that constantly impels life at all levels to strive for a higher form of existence. Even in periods of rest and cessation there is an impetus to move onward and upward. Your planet has been in the throes of evolutionary advancement for the past five hundred years.

You now are approaching the pinnacle of your current cycle. You are moving into the period containing the greatest power for spiritual advancement. Your planet is pulsating with molecular stimuli, which are emanating both from Earth herself and the galaxy within which your solar system resides. It is essential that you attune to these stimuli and use them to raise yourself up the spiral of life.

How does one achieve this attunement? You will reach it by quieting yourself, going within and connecting with your soul essence. Once you reside in that inner space, your awareness expands and lifts you into a higher state of consciousness. You will need to access that inner state on a continuous basis in the days and months ahead. These times will test and try the inhabitants of Earth in many different ways.

To ride the waves of this tumultuous era, it will be necessary to maintain a state of inner equanimity. Do all that you can to strengthen your physical bodies. Strive to be in a continuous state of emotional steadiness and well-being. Set a period aside each day to be in quiet repose, even if it is for a few minutes at a time. Start to observe carefully your inner thoughts, and feelings.

See yourselves living within a world that is in a continuous state of transformation. Flow with that transformation and use it to rise up the spiral of your life. Embrace the change that is occurring all around you. Know that every change is for the highest good even though it may not appear to be so. Address and divest yourself of any areas of negativity that you may have.

Simplify and refine your life. Use your energy in a careful and discriminating way. Develop a hypersensitivity and awareness to all that is occurring around you. Emit a steady, loving light and become a beacon of hope and healing for those you encounter who are in need. You were born at this time to assist in the unfolding of the Divine Plan for planet Earth. Embrace who you are and what you were born to do. All is in divine order.

The Lightbringers