February 2010 – Finding One’s True Self


We welcome you, our dear friends. It is with great love and respect we join with you on the fifteenth day of each month. We have selected this day, midway in each thirty-day cycle, to release our message to you because it contains the point of greatest power. Its properties are similar to the full moon within the lunar cycle. Our words contain a spiritual imprint that may be felt by some of you as you attune to our message.

One of the most important themes in all of our information is our emphasis on the vibratory spiritual energy found in every situation. We constantly have referred to this idea over the years, both in our books and monthly transmissions. During the powerful spiritual triad of 2010, 2011 and 2012, we shall continually refer to the nature and quality of the energy fields surrounding you.

Since preparation is the theme for this year, let us look more carefully at what preparation entails. Certain areas of focus are necessary when considering any endeavor: what is its goal or purpose, what preparation is needed to assist in meeting that goal, and what activities will contribute to a successful outcome. Let us use this guide as we look at 2010.

We said last month that the three-year period ending in December 2012 will form a cornerstone for the remainder of the century, a century that will result in a shift of major proportions for those living on Earth’s plane. 2010, 2011 and 2012 will create a blueprint, which will form the backdrop for the ensuing years. We ask that you always keep this idea in mind as we move forward.

During the course of this year, our role will be to assist you in looking at the various ways in which you can prepare yourselves to meet the challenges ahead. We ask that you review all aspects of your life in order to identify the strengths that will provide support for you and the areas of weakness that will limit positive action on your part.

First, what is the condition of your physical body? Will it be able to withstand the increased vibratory waves bringing planetary transformation to Earth and its inhabitants? Are there areas contributing to better health that you need to embrace? If so, can you muster the willpower to do so? No consideration is more important, since your physical body provides the vehicle for your soul.

What is the condition of your emotional state? Do you suffer from bouts of anxiety, depression, fear or anger? If the answer is yes, these emotions will weaken you and make it much more difficult to weather the days and years that are coming. Do you have relationship issues in your life that need resolution? We ask that you fearlessly identify the state of your emotional health.

Make a commitment to take the necessary steps to improve this area if the need exists. Emotions provide the richness and beauty of life. When in balance, they produce a powerful energy field that is uplifting on many different levels. Compassion and love are two of the highest spiritual states humans can attain. Positive emotions contribute to a harmonious and balanced center, something essential to strive for.

One of the greatest deterrents to healthy emotional balance is one’s inability to know one’s true self. Most people focus on the outer circumstances of life and their impact. They constantly try to figure out how to deal with the people or situations confronting them. Very little time or attention is given to one’s personal state or what is the highest good for the self. In fact, very few people really know themselves at a deeper soul level.

We would like to present you with a fundamentally important truth. A person can not fully address any key issue in life if there is not recognition from one’s inner self as to what is the best course for personal fulfillment. Every thought or deed in life needs to originate from that place in one’s own awareness that knows what is for the highest good.

Knowing oneself and loving oneself is essential for every action in the outer world. When one truly loves and respects oneself, all thoughts, words and deeds sent into the outer world will reflect that love and respect. If one does not love and respect oneself, there will be a disconnect that prevents directing these positive spiritual states to others.

We are not speaking here about ego love that is self promoting. We are speaking of love that starts with self and then radiates out enriching all that it touches. When one comes from a state of self love, a situation has a very different energy than when one focuses on the outer person or circumstance without that inner perspective. That higher love vibration will transform the world.

How does one reach this state of self knowing? It requires an inner journey of impeccable integrity. One must be ready to view with detachment all areas of life. It is necessary to identify what feels right and true to the self and what does not. By repeating this process over and over again, recognition of the true self will slowly emerge.

As one connects with that inner soul essence, there often is a discovery that the true persona is very different from that which is being projected into the outer world. The awareness of this difference may initially cause a period of disorientation, but it is important that the recognition occur and adjustments be made to reflect this new reality.

Accessing the wisdom of one’s true self is meant to be the starting point for each action in the outer world. When one comes from the perspective of soul knowing, every aspect of life shifts and changes. Negative emotions gradually disappear. Relationships improve or end in a loving and respectful manner. A harmonious center always is untouched by the stress and storms of life and assists the human personality in setting a positive course in life.

The essential question is “How does one find this inner center containing one’s true self?” The answer is so simple. One does it by going within. As Jesus said “The kingdom of heaven is within.” Quiet meditation, prayer, reflection and contemplation open the door to the inner state. Setting aside time each day, no matter how brief, to engage in one of these activities will accelerate your rise up the spiral of life and bring great benefit to you, all those within your sphere of influence, and Mother Earth herself.