February 2009 – Activating Mental Intent


We welcome you, our dear friends. The light of spirit is increasing in every aspect of your lives, even though it may not appear to be doing so. Does it seem that the key issues you currently are facing are growing in strength, either positively or negatively? If your answer is yes, then spirit is moving in your life and providing the catalyst you need for soul growth.

The theme for this year’s transmissions deals with humanity’s next leap in consciousness. We spoke last month about embracing the challenges you are facing, since they provide the corrosive action needed to transform you into a pearl of great price. Steady perseverance and trust will help carry you through the times of trial and testing that lay ahead.

We would like to continue with further thoughts about the ways you can navigate this period with a sense of high well-being. Since most inhabitants of your planet cannot see the vibratory emanations streaming out from the center of your galaxy, they are unaware of the bombardment impacting them. This bombardment has increased in intensity every year since 2000.

This spiritual energy is causing acceleration in the tests and trials of life, but it also is providing an increase in the joys and satisfactions of human existence. We now ask that you quiet yourselves, breathe deeply and sink into a state of calm repose. We are going to focus with you on the underlying themes emerging in your life at the present time.

First, we ask that you identify what is causing you stress, anxiety or pain. Draw upon your inner strength and tap into your soul knowing, which has supreme confidence that all is unfolding in your life for the highest good. Look carefully and with a clear eye at any challenge that has surfaced for you recently and observe it in a state of serene contemplation.

What are the primary elements contained in this matter? How are they impacting you physically, emotionally and psychologically? It is of primary importance to identify how you are feeling about this problem in your life, because emotions help us realize what needs attention. Can you describe the key emotions surrounding this issue for you?

Once you have answered these questions, you are ready to take the step into a higher state of consciousness and deal with the situation from a spiritual perspective. First and foremost, it is essential to believe that all is unfolding for the highest good. Now, quietly sink into your soul knowing to access what the highest good is in this matter, for it is always there.

Bring this realization onto the mental level. Identify clearly what you think about this issue and how it can contribute to your highest good. Address this problem, using your mind as an entry point to higher consciousness. In doing so, you will shift your perception and will view the matter from a different perspective. You will see its underlying value and why it is an important life experience for you.

A significant step in human evolution is reached when one learns how to activate mental intent, since it provides the ability to manifest and create what is needed in life. Single-pointed mental focus is essential to the progress of the soul. As one develops the ability to view all events as contributing to spiritual growth, the judgment of what is bad or good just falls away.

As we have said before, tests and challenges are needed to produce the pearl of great price – you. By facing what is troubling you in the manner we have described above, you will be able to surf the many waves of life and do so with joy and confidence. Is that not a goal to strive for in this period when change is the order of the day?

The process we have just described can also be used to review the positive aspects of your life. Take time to count your blessings on a regular and ongoing basis. Gratitude is one of the most uplifting of human states. It helps people transcend the difficulties of everyday existence and serves as a springboard to higher consciousness.

The simple act of being grateful holds within it a power for good, too often not acknowledged or drawn upon. To illustrate this fact, reflect upon something you are grateful for in your life. Sit with it for a few moments, visualizing its impact upon you. Feel the emotion it elicits from you and the thoughts you have regarding it.

After having recognized an area in life you appreciate, do you feel a sense of peace and serenity entering your being? If so, this is the power the spiritual act of gratitude bestows. Every day, find something you are grateful for, no matter how big or small. This simple act will help you surf the turbulent waters of life with a loving trust that all is well.