February 2008 – Mastering Life’s Lessons


We welcome you, our dear friends. This past month has held challenges and testing for many of you. As we said in our last transmission, the first year of a nine year cycle holds the purest energy of the entire period. And the first month of the first year is the most intense of all. Have you not experienced some of what we are saying here during January of 2008?

We ask that you look back upon the events that occurred in your life last month. The gamut can run from positive breakthroughs of significant proportions to painful traumas that tried your soul. Whatever occurred for you in January, it was not a month of normal activity for most. At a spiritual level, it was a time of powerful new beginnings.

The emphasis for many of you centered on going back over issues that you thought had been dealt with, that you had given up as unimportant, or had not been able to address satisfactorily in the past. There also may have been a continuation of a traumatic situation that seemed to escalate, causing you a certain amount of distress.

For some of you, it could have been a month when abundance seemed to shine on you from unexpected sources. All in all, it certainly was not time for retreat or quiet contemplation. Vibratory waves of great magnitude were emitted from the center of your universe last month strongly impacting many different areas of your existence. These waves caused a dramatic increase in what ever key situations were unfolding in your lives, either for good or ill.

The people of Earth are expanding their view of where they reside in the universes of the Creator. As exploration of space continues, a realization is growing that Earth is part of a galactic stream of life existing within a multidimensional force field of energy. We continually emphasize this idea because it is now time for the inhabitants of Earth to open your eyes, lift your heads and recognize who you really are.

You are a soul on an evolutionary path back to the God Force. During this decade, you can, if you so choose, take a major step up the spiral of life. If you are able to do so, you will be functioning at a much higher level of consciousness than you currently are. For this reason, many of you are resolving long standing situations and issues that have been with you for some time.

It is now imperative that you overcome and master life lessons that you have been working on for many years. You need to end repetitive patterns of behavior that no longer suit the person you are meant to become. If you have been able to master issues and situations you have been contending with for some time, celebrate this fact. Use the knowledge and skill you have gained in service to others.

After many years of toiling, seemingly alone, in the vineyards of life, the people of Earth are coming together to join in birthing a new world. Upgraded communications technology has made it possible for people all over the planet to know what is happening in every corner of the globe. Because of the rapid dissemination of news and events, a merging of heads and hearts is being forged throughout Earth.

A new global consciousness is growing that will bring about monumental change on all fronts. In order for you to participate in the creation of a new world, it is imperative that you complete and finalize any issues or situations in your life that would hinder you for the work ahead. If not resolved, they will hold you back from reaching the heights you were meant to attain as a soul in this lifetime.

In the future, you will need to have a stable center at the core of your being formed through the trials and testing of Earth’s powerful energy field. The knowledge and inner strength you have developed through lifetimes of preparation are meant to be used now and in the future for the betterment of all. Stand up, shake yourselves off and march forth. The time for birthing a new world is here, and you are among those who have agreed to engage in the task. Remember you will always have love and support from the realm of spirit as you join with others and move ahead in this creative endeavor of great significance!