February 2007 – Connecting to the Primal Force


We welcome you, our dear friends. Your universe is in the throes of a monumental shift in consciousness. This shift extends to the minutest point within every diverse kind of life form. The energy output of molecular waves and particles comprising life in all its rich diversity has experienced a change in direction, which cannot be recognized through scientific measuring devices, but it has begun nevertheless.

This change will impact everything that exists in your universe creating an infusion of highly charged units of energy, which will penetrate all forms of life from the lowest to the highest. We ask that you reflect and meditate upon this information at some length. Incorporate it into your thinking and being as an incarnated soul upon the Earth plane. It will help you understand who you are and why you are here.

Own and honor this concept and carry it with you into all that you do. It is important to feel your connection to the Divine Creator and to draw upon that connection continually. Begin each day by attuning to this Higher Power with whatever amount of time is available to you. Call upon this connection whenever you feel a need for information, support or love.

One of the most significant advances in human awareness is the realization that we are sparks of spiritual energy inhabiting a physical body, which has been created by an all powerful Being with whom we can have an ongoing interaction. The awareness of this fundamental truth constitutes a major advance in human evolution at this time.

This spiritual connection can be realized primarily by going within through the act of inner attunement commonly known as meditation. Meditation occurs by quieting the left hemisphere or thinking portion of the brain and shifting into the right hemisphere of intuitive knowing. This area of the brain opens the pathway to higher consciousness.

To directly access the inner spiritual self one must become quiet, close the eyes, breathe deeply and rhythmically, and empty the mind of all thoughts and cares. Do not be concerned when you revert to some aspect of your daily life. Just let it go and continue your regular breathing. The intake of oxygen serves as a vehicle for the raising of consciousness. It can be compared to the filling of a balloon, which rises slowly but surely when more air is introduced into it.

As the process of meditation progresses, the force field of the body takes on a more refined vibration, one that is connected to higher spiritual consciousness. This is the true meaning of spirituality, which many in this day and age are seeking to discover. Spirituality is an awareness of the spiritual reality of life and the ability to enter its realm and draw upon its power.

It is spiritual consciousness, which will create a new and better world – one whose underlying premise is love, respect, peace and unity. The lower states of anger, hate, war and disunity can not exist or manifest within higher spiritual vibrations. Therefore, in order to eradicate these hurtful situations from the human condition, it is necessary to incorporate a spiritual reality into our lives and practice it on a daily basis.

Once we become infused with the higher vibration of the Creator, we will become beings of light creating a New Heaven and a New Earth for future inhabitants of the planet. Is it not remarkable that such a shift impacting all life throughout the universe can be begun by simply closing one’s eyes, breathing deeply and connecting to that essence of spirit, which is a spark of the Primal Force? Become a part of this great shift in consciousness and carry out the purpose for which you were born!