February 2006 – The Choice is Yours


We welcome you, our dear friends, as we begin this second transmission for the year 2006 – a year we have entitled a time for consolidation of power. Some may want us to elaborate on what we mean by consolidation of power. By consolidation we mean the concentration and combining of elements, usually of similar quality or origin. Sometimes, however, the consolidation can include different or diverse elements coming together to form a larger whole.

Concentration of power will be the prevailing dynamic during this sixth year of the new century. What exactly are we referring to when we use the term power? Power as we are using it here refers to force, potency or influence in a concentrated form. This energy of fusion is emanating from two sources – the realm of spirit and the very depths of Mother Earth herself. It is meant to initiate a response in the people of Earth to help you address issues that need to be brought to the forefront. This energetic can result in forces joining to unfold a higher good or one of great harm.

At worldwide, national and personal levels, it is time for incarnating souls on the Earth plane to look carefully at the quality of their lives, the values they hold dear, the health and welfare of those they care about, and the prevailing energy patterns that are in effect at the present time. To be in denial must be recognized for what it is – a refusal to be honest about the key elements of life at all levels throughout the Earth.

The Old World of a 26,000 year cycle is coming to a close. A New World is in its birthing process, which is the reason why there is so much turmoil surfacing everywhere. Death and birth are painful processes accompanied by anxiety and fear, which are the two most prominent emotions in ascendancy today. The positive aspects of the current times are that they are bringing into focus long held, unresolved problems that because of their intensity must be acknowledged and faced – no longer ignored and forgotten.

Power for change is concentrating on the health of Mother Earth, the relationships between individuals, nations and whole regions of the world, and the need to address the lower level energies of hate and fear which are escalating in ever stronger waves of violence out to

every corner of the planet. Now the inhabitants of Earth need to face with courage any fear or hatred they are holding within themselves, because this is where the worldwide violence originates – at the personal, individual level.

The human response to fear and hatred results in a contraction of life force, which prevents the body from receiving the energy necessary for harmony and balance. By shutting down the ability to act out of caring and good will, the forces of fear and hatred escalate and consolidate into ever greater power and force. The Creator has put in place a theme of duality for your universe created by the polarization of opposites. It is only through the experience of polarization that unity can be achieved.

A unity of opposites merging into Divine Oneness is the ultimate goal of all life throughout your universe. Never forget this basic theme of life. We are here to achieve unity and oneness by finding common ground with those we oppose. To do this requires a reorientation of the perceptions we have of ourselves and those we interact with in our lives. We simply have to reach a place of respect and love for everything that lives on Earth, including the great soul that inhabits and gives life to our planet.

We ask that you be mindful that power is consolidating everywhere – in your personal lives, in your nations and in the world. This energetic is in force throughout the twelve months of 2006. It is up to each individual to focus with strong intent, love and respect in all that you think, feel and do. You have no idea how powerful positive intent is. If only you could see the shimmering vibratory waves that accompany love and respect, you would know how important they are to all aspects of life.

Love is the primary essence of the Creator. The inhabitants of Earth have reached the point in their spiritual journey where they need to release fear and hatred and serve instead as transmitters of love and respect. The spiritual energies of the year 2006 will expand and uphold this higher vibration. Hatred and violence can also increase if that is what is chosen. The ultimate determination rests with each one of you. Make your choices for the highest good, and all will be well.