December 2016 – A Time of Completion and Renewed Purpose


We welcome you, our dear friends. Our message to you now is one of completion for this tumultuous year is finally drawing to a close. The energetic field of the past twelve months is completing its cycle bringing about the ending of a defining time for inhabitants of planet Earth. Much of what has been identified as the old order of life is being challenged and partially or wholly discarded by the discordant energies abroad in the land.

As a result, many are experiencing a profound sense of stasis or imbalance in one or more areas of their lives. Long dormant or unresolved issues are surfacing on a personal and societal level to be faced and addressed for final resolution. Although recognized by very few, the cleansing winds of change are seeping into every nook and cranny of earthly existence. The old ways and belief systems are no longer sustainable in their present form, which is why they are coming under attack.

Life on Earth is entering a period of refinement and transformation. People individually and collectively are being intensely buffeted and impacted by events that are surfacing with astounding power and regularity. Many feel that life has become filled with obstacles and hurdles facing them at every turn. This is not true for all but is so for a large number of incarnating souls no matter where they reside on the planet.

We therefore feel it is an honor to be in communication with you at such an important time. The interaction of dimensions has always existed between incarnating souls and higher spiritual realms. This contact has expanded in recent years as your planet moves into the vibratory field of the fourth dimension. So those of you who receive and absorb our transmissions are serving as pioneers of a newly emerging reality.

As Earth’s energy field is being impacted by waves of higher vibrational energies, the lives of those living on the planet are also feeling the effect of the turbulence. Physical health, relationships, value systems, areas of work and the overall sense of well-being are coming under scrutiny. It is important to realize that this review is a good thing in all ways. It is meant to raise the vibrational level of every person involved in this process.

It is important to see and respond positively to the powerful waves of change that are entering all walks of life. A new world is being birthed as the old one is ending. It has served its purpose, and another different time is waiting to enter a new period of Earth’s growth and development. What has been of value will remain as no longer needed ways of life will be discarded. It is as if the planet is experiencing a massive housecleaning in preparation for new inhabitants.

Housecleaning requires hard work on a sustained basis. It involves careful scrutiny of the details in life. This is where the inhabitants of Earth presently find themselves. The very details of existence are coming into play providing a sense of direction and purpose at this pivotal time. It is very important that you embrace a careful and penetrating scrutiny of all areas of your life. What in the past has served you well and what needs to be discarded as you move into a new and different future?

The future you are moving into will be different in many ways you cannot even envision at the present time. The waves of change are so powerful that there is hardly a person on the planet who will not be impacted by them. You must prepare yourself so that you can ride the waves of change in the most positive way possible. The first step needed is to maintain steady, strong balance in the face of whatever life brings you.

We ask that you identify what factors in your life have a tendency to disturb your sense of equilibrium. Once you have accomplished this, develop the response needed for balanced strength. As so much around you is moving and changing, it is imperative that you can provide the ballast to compensate for the disruption occurring on an ongoing and continuous fashion in your life.

In order to gain balanced strength it will be necessary to set aside time on an ongoing basis for inner contemplation and review. Be continually aware of what responses the many changes occurring in your life are requiring of you and be able to marshal the inner resources to address them in as positive a manner as possible. Scrutiny that provides awareness at a deeper level will be an essential component in order to address the challenges of the future.

Quiet inner reflection activates the wisdom of the soul. Those individuals who are soul-infused will be more able to weather the changing landscape the planet’s new vibratory field will provide. We have spoken continually about the necessity of going within to connect with your soul essence. It has never been more important that you do so then now. That inner knowing will provide the steady strength and balance you will need as you navigate your earthly journey.

When ongoing soul contact is established, the fruits of the spirit flourish. One develops an inner knowing about people and events that transcends factual awareness. The normal boundaries of time and space are transcended with amazing capabilities emerging in these areas. Soul energy provides one with a greater purpose in meeting the challenges of life. Finally, when one is soul-infused, a radiating vibration of love and light is released providing the strength and healing so needed at the present time.