December 2015 – Entering Higher Consciousness


We welcome you, our dear friends. Our tenth year of monthly transmissions is coming to a close. For the few of you who have been with us from the very beginning, we express great love and appreciation. We also are very grateful for those of you who have joined us some time along the way. Attending to our information is not easy because of the expanding awareness required to absorb the content we offer. We thank those who have contacted our source to express their appreciation.

As we have said throughout this year, 2015 has been a pivotal year in the process of birthing a new reality. Therefore, we ask that this final month of the year be a time of recapitulation and review. The past twelve months have produced challenges and heightened stress for nations, groups and individuals all over your planet. There is hardly a locale that has been untouched by the evolutionary forces of change.

We have offered support and assurance to help you see the higher, positive purpose unfolding in the midst of the seemingly random chaos that appears to be the norm. To maintain and uphold this conviction as waves of change enter your lives develops the strength needed to persevere. One of the greatest challenges facing humanity today is the ability to be serene and balanced in life as momentous fluctuations surface on many different levels of existence.

We ask that you now take the time to review in detail the major factors that have been a part of your life this past year. What have been your key issues? Have they been the backdrop for spiritual growth? In the spirit of recapitulation, we would like to go back and quote some passages from our third book, A Spark of the Divine. “In order for a new phase of human evolution to begin, it is necessary to sweep away the aspects of life currently in existence that are no longer useful.”

“This process is well underway and has been for some time, extending back into the earliest days of the previous century. Much has been learned by those who have lived in the past on your planet; and much still must be experienced in order for humanity to achieve a higher form of expression. All life is ever evolving in a form of forward and upward movement.”

“Keep this idea fixed in your mind and continue to visualize this picture as the framework for all that you do. No matter where you are, you are always advancing on your spiritual path, even though it may seem to be just the opposite. The most negative and painful experiences are only grist for the mill, as the old saying goes, because your primary purpose is to immerse yourself in every aspect of God’s world.”

“Your soul was brought into existence to attain a complete and comprehensive knowledge of what it means to live in the many universes of time and space. You provide an opening through which the Source of All That Is can actively participate in its own creation. And since your universe is predicated upon the principal of duality, you will experience the most positive and the most negative that life has to offer.”

“If you can accept this profound concept, you will be able to weather the storms and upheavals of life, knowing that you are here to grow in strength, understanding and love. In order for this to happen, the soul, like a pearl, is constantly worked and scraped until it ultimately becomes something beautiful to behold. The goal of the soul is to embrace whatever occurs in life with calm acceptance and loving equanimity.”

“The divine Plan of the Creator has established a progression that unfolds in order and harmony. Every advance of humanity builds upon what has come before. This process resembles the unfolding of a beautiful flower, which proceeds in a measured cadence of growth towards its highest expression. Each step from a seed to a fully mature plant proceeds organically and in its own right time.”

“So it is with the spiritual journey of the soul. It started enclosed in the powerful vortex of the God Force, joined and at peace and harmony with the all-powerful center of the universe. Then individual units of consciousness were suddenly forcefully expelled out into the unknown darkness of space to begin their long journey of exploration. Only when that journey has come to its conclusion will they merge back into total union with their Creator.”

“Do you or others you know look at your existence in this way? If you do, you are entering multidimensional consciousness, which provides an expanded view of self in every area of life. Each of you is an eternal soul with the qualities of the Creator at the core of your being. The expanded intelligence, wisdom and power of that Prime Source is easily and readily available at a moment’s notice whenever needed. Draw upon it. It will sustain you in all that you do.”

“The primary force in the universe is love. From this love comes the desire to create, in order to bring that love into a state of manifestation. A man and woman who love each other have a deep-seated desire to create something that reflects their love. If you contemplate what we have said here by viewing life around you, you will recognize that almost all acts originate out of a desire to create, whether they are performed alone or with another.”

“For this reason it is important to do a fearless inventory of yourself and your life. Are you finding joy and creativity in your life? Do you truly love yourself? Do you live a life that reflects that love? Can you love others with a divine detachment that never tries to possess? Are you able to do whatever work falls to you in your physical realm with a sense of serene satisfaction? Do you trust all that is unfolding in your world? If you are coming from a state of love, you are manifesting your true spiritual nature. You are living a soul-infused life, reflecting the primary essence of your Creator.”

As we move into the coming year, our focus is going to shift. We will be addressing and providing a spiritual perspective regarding the key issues that are surfacing in the world. We ask that you highlight and save this transmission. It contains the fundamental spiritual truth that resides in all that occurs in the physical three dimensional world. If you can view everything that occurs through the spiritual lens we have provided, you will have achieved a major step up the spiral of life.