December 2013 – Transformative Personal Change


We welcome you, our dear friends. This month concludes the eighth year we have been in contact with the Earth plane through this source. We have been most grateful for the opportunity to bring our messages from the realm of spirit. One of the major developments for those of you incarnating on your planet at the present time is the thinning of the veil between the third dimension and those of a higher more refined vibratory field. Examples of this phenomenon are all about you, if you just have the eyes to see.

As powerful spiritual energies flood your planet, they are creating massive shifts in the human psyche which are being reflected at the physical level by modifications in Earth’s crust through physical disasters of ever increasing intensity. The changes caused by wind, water and fire on your planet are reflections of the changes that are occurring physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for all those currently incarnating on Earth.

As you observe or participate in the current planetary weather conditions, we ask you to recognize that similar changes are occurring at a deep molecular level within yourself. Many aspects of your persona are dissolving or being transformed in ways you may be totally unaware of. Powerful waves of spiritual energy are constantly impacting everyone living on Earth. They are breaking up crystallization on all levels of existence.

What has been learned while living on Earth must sink into soul knowing as essential for its growth and development but no longer necessary to be experienced. What we are saying here is extremely important. We want to be sure that you understand this concept. It is time for you to set aside the aspects of what you consider to be yourself and begin the creation of a new you.

You are living in a moment when you are being presented with the opportunity to make fundamental modifications in who you are and how you live your life. This is a singular opportunity for transformative personal change, which surfaces rarely down through the millennia of time. We ask that you accept what we are saying here and incorporate this knowing into how you live from this day forward.

Recapitulation and review are primary functions for the last month of the calendar year. Most people use December for revelry and celebration, rarely setting aside quiet time to reflect upon the experiences of the year as a segment in their spiritual journey. Of all the many activities of December, the most important one is the review of the year and what the significance of this period was from a spiritual standpoint.

The most auspicious time for this is the last ten days of the month. From a cyclical standpoint, the last third of any cycle contains the primary energy of completion. Therefore, we ask that between the 21st and the 31st of this month you set aside time for quiet reflection regarding your year and how it has unfolded for you. What have been your primary experiences and what have you learned? Are you different in any way that is recognizable?

Once you have completed this review, we ask that you return to the idea we presented in the beginning of this transmission. As the world around you is going through massive change on all levels and is in the process of recreating itself, so are you. Who have you been for these many years? What have been your primary life experiences? Do they seem to be shifting and changing before your very eyes causing uncertainty about who you really are?

If you have answered yes to this last question, then you have started to build a new persona for yourself. You have begun the process of transformative personal change whether you are aware of it or not. You came into this incarnation with the commitment to participate in a great step forward for the people of Earth. You are here to make major strides in your spiritual growth. There is no better time for you to move up the spiral of life and create a more expanded you.

How do you create this persona? Look at the areas of life that no longer hold meaning or relevance for you. These are areas that need to be released or experienced in a new or different way. Now look at the ideas and/or desires that seem to be surfacing in your consciousness. They may contain the beginnings of a new life for you if you will just honor them and explore them further.

Meditate and go within to connect with your soul essence. What kind of person would you like to become if you are not that person already? Regularly picture yourself as that person. If you do this simple exercise, slowly and inexorably you will begin to become what you are visualizing. The creation process is as simple as that. The mind gives birth to what becomes reality on the third dimensional level. What you think you will become.

2014 will be an intense and pivotal year in many different ways. We ask that you prepare yourself in every way that you can. The most significant preparation you can make is to be centered and grounded on as many different levels of human functioning as possible. Discard what no longer serves you and develop all aspects of a new and better you. Is this not a great adventure we are on? Embrace it, for it is providing a major opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth.

The Lightbringers