December 2012 – A Brief Glimpse of the Centuries Ahead

We welcome you, our dear friends. Finally, incarnating souls on Earth’s plane are in the last month of the momentous year of 2012. For centuries, the inhabitants of your planet have been waiting for the completion of your current age. The Mayan calendar has been particularly instrumental in providing an awareness and focus of this period of time, even though there has been much misunderstanding of its meaning.

Many have erroneously interpreted the close of this age of 5,125 years in the Mayan calendar to indicate the end of life on planet Earth. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Mayans organized the passing of years into ages, each possessing a certain series of life experiences. They entitled this current age as one of movement and change, which certainly has typified the kinds of human development occurring all over the planet.

Relocation of large bodies of people and exploration of the globe have provided the seeding for the age about to begin. The Mayan calendar offers a lens for viewing this age commencing in 2013. A new cycle of time is beginning on your planet. It is a cycle that will be far different than the one just completed. This cycle will serve to embody spirit in every aspect of life, a very different human approach than the materialistic emphasis of today.

We would like to give a brief glimpse into the primary developments that will unfold in the centuries ahead. Large numbers of people will expand their spiritual awareness and develop multidimensional consciousness. They will be able to enter the fourth dimension of time and space and even the fifth dimension of mental causation. Brain capacity will expand as new pathways of the brain are opened to reflect a higher level of human life.

Healing of physical and mental illness will make quantum strides. Many of the medical practices of today will be discarded as highly advanced techniques in diagnosis and prevention will be developed. Medical science will use genetic marking and DNA analysis to determine and treat disease. The emphasis on mind and emotion in the treatment of illness will become widespread.

People will learn to project their consciousness without actually being involved in physical travel. Intuitive knowing will be more advanced than it is today. Many will be able to access the universal frequency band of knowledge through their expanded mental powers. The Internet is the physical example of a capacity that humans will possess inherently in the years to come.

Land masses of the future will be differently aligned than they are today. Extreme climatic conditions will continue for an extended period. Their corrosive effect will produce new habitable land while the seas will cover land that is meant to lie fallow. Do not let fear govern your view of what is happening to the planet. Instead, look upon these changes as sculpting the planet to create a new Earth. What an amazing thing to watch!

As all of these advances occur, more light in waves of subatomic particles will be released onto the planet. The introduction of powerful light will dissipate the darkness that has engulfed the planet for so long. Just as light is essential to the process of photosynthesis, light with its higher spiritual vibration will contribute to the elevating of consciousness throughout Earth.

What we have described above will take much time and effort to become established, but the pattern for evolutionary advancement is in place and will occur. Every one of you living on the planet today is contributing to the future waiting to unfold. You each have a role and purpose in this divine plan, even though you may not be aware that you do. It is essential that you recognize and honor that role.

How can you do this? Whenever you eliminate any darkness or negativity within yourself or others, you are increasing spiritual light in much more powerful ways than you can imagine. Just as plants require light to grow, Earth and her people need light to grow spiritually. Start to think in terms of light. Identify the actions that bring peace, joy and love. These states are encoded with light and enhance spiritual growth.

The people of the future will be able to identify energy in its varying forms. They soon will recognize the higher vibrations of light as opposed to the density of the lower vibrational fields. They will learn how to expand and project positive energy and will use this knowledge for their own use and for healing the planet. We have provided this brief glimpse of the times ahead, so that you can be aware of the importance you personally play in bringing about the shift that is underway.

We ask that you set aside time during the remainder of this month to carefully consider your life. How much light-encoded vibrational energy are you emitting? Are there negative elements in your life that need to be eliminated? Are you able to transmute this negativity into something more positive? See yourself as one candle among millions all over the planet. Light your candle and contribute to the spiritual growth of Earth.