December 2011 – Clearing Your Subconscious Mind

We welcome you, our dear friends. We are rejoicing as we complete another year of communications with those of you on Earth’s third dimensional plane. The energies and events that are unfolding with ever-greater rapidity all over the planet are gaining in force and intensity. Humanity’s awakening is progressing at a rapid rate indeed. Can you not sense the power of spirit as it is appearing in your life?

If you could see the many different ways in which human beings are being impulsed by a galactic force field that is permeating the nooks and crannies of Earth, you would immediately recognize what is happening to every level of your being. For you are in the process of a fundamental transformation that will change you in ways you cannot begin to understand fully.

It is imperative that you incorporate this knowing into your conscious awareness and begin to look with a new and clearer gaze at all aspects of your life. You are a child of a Divine Creator who gave you life, love, intelligence and will. You have existed in soul form since the beginning of time and will continue to live growing in strength and beauty until this current period of manifestation ends.

As we have said many times down through the years, you need to see yourself and your life with an expanded spiritual perspective and live by it in order to ascend the spiral of life. The outer events in your world are assisting this process of expansion. The political and societal turbulence occurring in this year of 2011 is serving as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.

Anyone attempting to cling to the status quo will be buffeted by tremendous forces of change, which will continue to intensify for decades to come. We have been given a two-fold role of support and assistance for incarnating souls on Earth’s plane. We are here to help you see the significance of what is happening from a spiritual perspective. Also, we are offering information that will help you progress through these times in a state of high well being.

All intelligent life on your planet has been moving forward on its evolutionary journey experiencing the tests and lessons of the third dimension. Reoccurring cycles of increased consciousness have varied in length and intensity. This present cycle is one of the most significant for human growth and development. The dark energetic overlay that has existed for eons on Earth is dissipating and breaking up.

A higher spiritual vibration is becoming stronger and more powerful each day. People are beginning to realize they are connected to each other and that they possess a personal power, which they can devote to the common good. It is as if the doors and windows of a house, after a long and dark winter, are opening to receive the light and fresh air of spring. Can you not feel the difference in the energy of your world?

An important activity that you can engage in now is the removal of trauma from your subconscious memory banks. Each incarnating soul carries the residual knowledge of all that has happened in his or her subconscious mind. The purpose of the spiritual journey is for souls to experience all aspects of creation in order to know completely what it means to be a child of God. This knowledge is stored at the human level in the subconscious mind.

Trauma held at the subconscious level can be activated by people or events that reflect some aspect of experienced pain or suffering. Most people do not realize how they are being affected on a regular basis by various events in their lives. When a person sustains a severe loss or the death of someone close, the grief connected to similar situations lived in either current or other lifetimes surfaces creating distress of a greater intensity than one would expect.

The knowledge of what has occurred in other lives is held at the subconscious level and can impact a person without his or her being aware of it. At periodic intervals, events on Earth provide the catalyst for removal of subconscious trauma from human memory banks. Knowing this helps bring clarity and understanding to what is happening in the world today.

Many human activities are so engrained that they require no conscious thought at all. They are performed at the level of the autonomic nervous system without any deliberate or intentional thought. This is because they have been learned over such an extended time that they have subsided into an unconscious knowing. It is now time for you to release the painful memories from your subconscious mind. You no longer need to be affected by them in any way. Just knowing that they are part of the human condition is enough.

How can this be done? The process is comparable to deleting a file on your computer. During your meditation sessions, set aside a time for memory removal. You do not have to relive the actual experience to achieve this. Develop a visualization process that works for you and follow it regularly. By the end of this life, you should have cleared much stored trauma from your subconscious mind.

If you can add subconscious memory deletion to your spiritual practices, you will have raised your soul’s vibration to a higher level and will ascend the spiral of life in a major way. You are part of the birthing process for a new species of human being with greatly expanded capabilities. All aspects of the tripartite mind – super conscious, conscious, and subconscious – must be functioning at the highest level possible in preparation for the New Heaven and New Earth waiting to appear. To assist in this birthing is what you came to Earth for. Embrace it! The Lightbringers