December 2010 – A Time for Spiritual Connection


We welcome you, our dear friends. This month concludes five years of monthly transmissions we have brought through this source to you. Together, we have explored many topics during this time. All of them have been oriented towards the expansion of your consciousness and opening up the awareness of your divinity.

We began in 2006 by focusing in-depth on the many ways in which you can consolidate your own personal power. The transmissions for 2007 concentrated upon the great shift for humanity that is happening all over Earth. 2008’s transmissions delved into the connection Earth has with Spirit and how it manifests continually, which then led in 2009 to a consideration of this next leap in consciousness for incarnating souls.

So, now we bring to a close the fifth year of monthly messages to you, which we have entitled “A Year of Preparation”. We feel honored to have been of service to you, particularly as we began together the momentous triad of 2010, 2011, and 2012. All of you living on Earth at this time have requested and been accepted for this period of service to humanity.

For those of you who have suffered during this lifetime, we ask you to know that you sought this incarnation with the purpose of assisting souls on Earth in their spiritual development. Each of you has a specific gift to offer humanity that is positive in its overall affect. You also have had personal experiences that have helped you grow at a spiritual level as you pursue your soul’s journey.

These times in which you live are not easy. Your planet is going through a major adjustment and realignment. For many eons there has been a dense energy field surrounding Earth that has inhibited people on your planet from expanding spiritually. It has been held in place so that lessons that needed to be learned would be deeply imprinted when the energy field began to dissipate.

Removal of this energy field has now begun. This change is directly related to your solar system’s alignment with the center of your galaxy, which occurs every 12,000 years. There is a powerful vortex of Divine Mind at your galaxy’s core, which orchestrates the spiritual growth and development of all life within the galaxy. It establishes a basic framework, which then unfolds within the many dimensions of time, space and beyond.

One of the major developments in the next two centuries will be humanity’s contact with the galaxy in which it resides. As incarnating souls on Earth develop into a higher species of being, they will continually recognize and draw upon the spiritual power and force emanating from the Milky Way’s center. In doing so, their human abilities will expand exponentially.

You may ask why we are speaking of these matters now. They may seem abstract and removed in nature with no connection to your daily lives. We are doing so, because this topic is directly aligned with the prevailing spiritual energy of this month. Of all the twelve months, this last month of the year holds within it the greatest power for incarnating souls to expand spiritually.

At a mundane level, many people around the globe are participating in the activities of a holiday season, particularly in the Western Hemisphere. They are stepping outside of their usual activities to engage in celebrations that occur once a year. Many are experiencing a connection to others at a level of intensity that happens only at this time.

It is not by chance that these holidays occur during the last month of the year. For millennia, human beings have been drawn to express their love and the link they share with others and to a Higher Power, when Earth is in this final period of its yearly phase. The reason for this can be found in the type of spiritual vibration that is prevalent at this time.

Each month contains a specific vibratory field, which when accessed can accelerate a person’s spiritual growth. The energy in the final month of the year brings with it the impetus to link with others, Mother Earth and the God force to the fullest extent possible. The first part of the month in many countries focuses on connecting to family and friends through a wide variety of activities.

Following the solstice, a deeper connection begins. We ask you to monitor the energy before and then after the solstice. If you have developed your spiritual sensing mechanisms, you will be able to identify the energetic change that occurs, particularly during the last week of the month. This final period has a vibratory quality that is quite different from that which came before.

After all the celebratory activities, there generally is a desire for quiet and repose. If one recognizes and enters into the silence of the soul, this brief period holds the greatest potential during the entire year for establishing a connection to the Creative Force of the Universe. It is the culmination of the entire year’s cycle.

We ask that you reflect upon our words. If you take them into your heart and find time for meditation and prayer during this time, you will be drawing upon the strongest power for spiritual connection that the year has to offer. Once you know and recognize this energy field, you can use it to expand awareness and grow spiritually. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the information we have just brought you.

Our primary purpose in communicating with various beings on Earth’s plane is to assist in this acceleration of consciousness. In order for spiritual growth to occur, a person must embrace the practices that expand the capacity for spiritual connection. Meditation, prayer, contemplation and attunement form the foundation of spiritual activities.

After the winter solstice, we ask that you set aside time to participate in the practices that will attune you to this powerful vibratory field. It would be helpful to journal the inner experiences you have. By writing down the insights you have gained, you will know at a concrete level that you are able to access that spiritual force at will and that it is always available to assist you on your soul’s journey through time, space and beyond.