December 2009 – A Time of Completion


We welcome you, our dear friends. We find ourselves at the end of another pivotal year in the soul’s progress on the Earth plane. A twelve month cycle is drawing to a close creating a powerful energy vortex of completion. It is always important to recognize the significance of completion at an energetic level, because there is a consolidation of spiritual force surrounding the end of any endeavor.

Very few people recognize this reality. We wish to pursue this concept with you now, since drawing upon the vibratory field surrounding the end of a cycle expands human consciousness in a major way. Let us take a moment to look at the energy pattern found in every cycle. At the outset, the energy is strongest, since the theme for the entire period needs to be established and imprinted.

Midway through the cycle, the idea being manifested reaches its point of greatest power and influence. Then the process of assimilation begins ever so slowly. The knowledge regarding the lessons learned is absorbed into soul knowing, becoming a source of wisdom gained through experience.

This last phase of the cycle is almost the most important of all. There needs to be a period of quiet reflection at the end of any period, so that the experience can be absorbed into conscious awareness. Without this last step, the value gained can be lost. We ask that you reflect on what we have said here, since it is of greatest importance.

In the outer world, much of the month of December is filled with celebration and gaiety. People are generally more busy than usual, as they embark upon all the activities surrounding the holiday season. Much time is spent in giving gifts and attending parties. Very few people focus on the fact that a cycle of twelve months is ending or what the significance of those twelve months has been to them.

For the first three weeks of December, the constellation Sagittarius is prominent in the winter skies. The primary energy emitted from this area of the heavens brings an emphasis on attunement to the realms of spirit. This attunement can be attained only when one goes within during times of quiet silence. When a connection to one’s soul essence is achieved, a higher state of conscious knowing is gained.

Throughout this year, we have spoken about the importance of recognizing the energy patterns unfolding within the twelve month cycle. We have asked you to identify what the major issues have been for you during 2009. We have also requested that you recognize how these issues have contributed to your highest good.

What have you gained from the experiences of this past year? Have you grown and changed for the better because of them? Has your spiritual awareness been heightened because of the events you have had to deal with? How can you incorporate what you have learned into a new and different way of life?

During these busy weeks, set aside time for quiet silence and reflect upon the questions we have asked here. Honor the cycle you have just completed and recognize how important it has been for your spiritual development. You are a child of the Creative Force who is growing, changing and creating anew every day of your life.

Recognize the spiritual path you are on and expand your knowledge of what it means to live in the many universes of time and space. You are on a journey of exploration and discovery. Every experience, whether positive or negative, contributes to the wisdom gained on that journey. All is for your highest good, a truth never to be forgotten.

Sitting in quiet silence and anchoring what we have just said is one of the most important activities you can perform during this holiday season. It will result in a powerful completion on your part for this highly significant year of 2009. Once this last step is finished, you will be ready to move into the triad period of 2010, 2011 and 2012.

These three years will be some of the most momentous those living on Earth have ever experienced. Major events occurring all over the planet will facilitate humanity’s rise to a more advanced level of consciousness. During each year, Earth’s energy field will increase in intensity, impacting all those who live on its surface. No one will be untouched by the influx of vibratory waves coming from the heart of the galaxy.

2010, 2011 and 2012 will form a triangulation of spiritual power. Those fortunate enough to live during this time will be offered an opportunity for unprecedented soul growth, if they choose to take it. Since Earth’s vibratory rate will increase in geometric proportions each year, it will be essential to have a strong spiritual center to guide one during the times ahead.

Our primary task is to help you develop that powerful center. In 2010, we will focus on how one can best prepare for this major shift in human consciousness. When 2012 is ended, every one on the planet will recognize that their world has been irrevocably changed and is ushering in the beginnings of a New Heaven and a New Earth for all. Welcome the powerful energies impulsing your planet. They are creating a New World. What can be better than that?